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Boarding House: Thursday Edition

**Wait & See? … Isn’t this supposed to be the time of year when we hear about disgruntled player searching for greener pastures elsewhere? Sometimes it isn’t disgruntlement – guys just want to play and don’t see an opportunity to do that in Scarlet and Gray.

Who will thrive under the new coach? Maybe a more pertinent question: Who won't?

And therein lies the rub. When Jim Tressel left and Luke Fickell took over – for however long that may be – the slate was essentially wiped clean. Loyalties were not the same. The depth chart was no longer the depth chart. It was a list of names.

So we talked to several sources who say there is a concern mounting. Yes, dudes stuck around and are attempting to prove themselves to a new boss. But what happens when the cement starts to settle. What happens when Fickell starts to make needed and important personnel decisions as it pertains to the depth chart?

So the concern is players who find themselves on the wrong end of the depth chart will leave before the season starts. They will stick around and see if they move up the depth chart. If they don't, they have time to leave. They save the year of eligibility by not stepping on the field at Ohio State.

We were told to take a look at Jordan Hall, who is getting reps at receiver. Was it necessary because receivers dropped balls all spring? Of course … but it was more than that. It was an opportunity to get Hall on the field while allowing the deep running back crew more reps to keep them happy.

For real: stay tuned …

**Rosy Outlook? … So we have a source who is involved with several sports agents. His business necessitates such contact. Recently, our guy ran into a sports agent he knows quite well and the two broke bread. It was none other than Drew Rosenhaus ... who represents Terrelle Pryor (like you didn’t know that).

Now, is it possible Rosenhuas, even during a meal with an acquaintance, would be thinking business and have an agenda. Of course. We are talking about Drew Rosenhaus. That being said, our guy passed along the portion of his conversation regarding Pryor. We can all judge whether or not we think it’s on the level.

Said the source: “Rosenhaus says Pryor could not be sorrier about what happened to Ohio State because of him and is genuinely brokenhearted about Jim Tressel being forced out. [Rosenhaus] thinks Pryor is about to shock everyone as a pro and is about to become a millionaire. If not on his first contract, he will definitely sign a seven-figure a year deal on his second. He says Pryor is sure of that too but would give it all back if he could go back in time and fix this.”

"Next question!"

Now this is pretty much the company line coming from Rosenhaus and Pryor. And many raised an eyebrow when we heard it said publicly via ESPN, Gruden’s show, etc. But this at least offers some proof that TP and his representation have been sincere. Is it tough to write the word sincere in the same paragraph as the words “TP” and “Rosenhaus?” Yes. Yes, it was.

** Frosh Perspective … It is not expected Ohio State will receive a bowl ban from the NCAA. However, it’s also not out of the realm of possibility. We talked to one of OSU’s incoming freshmen who had an interesting take when asked what he would think if the Buckeyes do get levied with a bowl ban.

“I don’t think it would be that bad,” he said. “If we win all our games and dominate the Big Ten like we plan on doing, what are you going to say? If some team we beat by 20 goes to the Rose Bowl, everyone is going to know who is the better team. We’re still going to make our statements on the field.”

Are the coaches saying anything to the players about what might happen?

“No, we’re just focusing on the season and not worrying about things out of our control,” the player said. “They haven’t said a word to us about what to expect (in terms of sanctions). Hopefully it’s nothing more than what we already got.”

** Matteo Decision Soon … Offensive lineman Tony Matteo from Akron Manchester attended Ohio State’s three-day football camp and from all accounts performed well. However, apparently not well enough to garner a scholarship offer from the Buckeyes.

The 6-foot-5, 285-pound Matteo has offers from several Big East and MAC schools, and says he wants to make his decision by the end of this month.

When asked if OSU’s coaches know he plans on announcing his choice very soon, Matteo said: “I don’t know. The last time I heard from them was at their camp. I was hoping to get an offer from Ohio State and I’m still hopeful I’ll get one. But if not, I’ll probably choose between West Virginia and Pittsburgh.”

Matteo plays center in high school, the position schools are recruiting him to play in college. He’s tall for a center, but so is current Buckeye standout Mike Brewster.

**Speedy Ohioans? … Didn’t it used to be the SEC did not have to come to Ohio to get talent? Or at least isn’t that's what they said? The truth is likely closer to SEC teams could not land big-time talent from Ohio and other Midwest outposts because Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State and Notre Dame had the place on lock down.

It appears one SEC school has either decided to threaten that stranglehold or maybe it thinks said grip is loosening. The school is Tennessee.

Just the other day, running back Alden Hill of Marlington committed to the Vols. Is it the first of many? Could Tennessee be building a relationship in Marlington to gain an edge with Class of 2013 stud Dymonte Thomas (named by Duane Long as one of the Ohio must-gets for the Buckeyes)?

So far, the Vols have offered several Class of 2013 Ohio prospects: Thomas, Mike McCray and Cam Burrows - Trotwood, Aregeros Turner - Copley, Billy Price - Fitch, Kyle Kempt - Massillon Washington, Ben Gedeon - Hudson and Jalin Marshall - Middletown.

That’s a pretty good list. One player could be an aberration. But if another chooses Knoxville …

**Bonus Item: BH-Style … It seems there is a lot of chatter about Nick Davidson and whether or not he has an Ohio State offer. Click here if you want some clarity on the situation.

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