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Boarding House: Tuesday Edition

** Smith’s Faux Statement … According to a source, Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith’s statement last Friday when he blasted the NCAA was “all for show.”

Smith admonished the NCAA for the decision to suspend OSU senior wide receiver DeVier Posey an additional five games. But our source says it was done only to appease Posey’s mother and lawyer.

“Gene talks to the NCAA directly about these things – he knew what was coming,” the source said. “His statement was all for show. He knew (Julie Posey) was going to flip out about it and had already hired a lawyer and all that. So, he wanted it to look like he had DeVier’s back.

“So, honestly, (Julie Posey) is probably right when she says DeVier was used as a ‘sacrificial lamb’ because I know for a fact that Gene signed off on the extra five-game suspension a few days before it was announced. That’s the thing people don’t understand here: OSU works in conjunction with the NCAA on all this stuff. They’re in lockstep. Gene was pretending to be outraged and nothing more.”

Wow. We wondered why Smith would choose to verbally attack the NCAA while the organization was in the midst of deciding OSU’s fate. As it turns out, he really didn’t.

“There is no question Gene told one of his friends at the NCAA something like, ‘Hey, I’m going to release this statement so it looks like we’re sticking up for the kid.’ He’s not dumb enough to criticize the NCAA when the Committee on Infractions still hasn’t ruled on OSU’s case. This was merely politics at its finest.”

** Boucher Bummed … Remember when former Kettering Alter quarterback Austin Boucher spurned a scholarship offer from Ohio State in early 2009 to attend Miami University instead?

Well, now that the quarterback position in Columbus has gone through some changes …

*What does Boucher think he would be doing now had he chosen the Buckeyes?

*Does NFL brass think tackle Mike Adams is a worthy investment?

*Which linebacker is moving up the Buckeyes recruiting board?

*What does Urban Meyer really think of Penn State?


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