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FRR: Celebrate Good Times

After months of turmoil, Ohio State finally got some great news when the NCAA informed the school it would not be cited with Failure to Monitor or Lack of Institutional Control. That likely means no bowl ban, which we've been saying all along. The national media really missed the boat on this one, so we're going to take this opportunity to gloat. Come along for the ride.

Brian Rolle

We also have an interview with former OSU and current Philadelphia Eagle linebacker Brian Rolle who gives his thoughts on the NFL's lockout ending, what he thinks of Jim Tressel losing his job at OSU and what he thinks about Luke Fickell taking over the program.

And one of the few national writers who has played the Ohio State "scandal" down the middle has been Big Ten blogger Adam Rittenberg, and we bring him in to get his reaction to the NCAA's letter to OSU, and to get his predictions on what OSU's final penalties will be.

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