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FRR: Football, Hoops Roundtable

Despite the bye week for Ohio State football this past Saturday, we have plenty to discuss on this one-segment roundtable edition of Front Row Radio. Topics include:

* Ohio State dropping to No. 6 in the AP poll and our reaction.

* The Buckeyes clinching at least a tie for the Big Ten Leaders Division championship.

* Is Braxton Miller still a legit Heisman candidate?

* What are our early thoughts on the big game at Wisconsin this coming Saturday?

* What are our thoughts on Ohio State's basketball team who had an interesting weekend to say the least?

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  • I am a huge, huge fan of FRR, I look forward to it twice a week and it is the main reason for my first subscription to Bucknuts. With that said it really hurts to be critical - but this week's show is not even arguably the poorest I have ever listened to. There was no insight, no new information, no nice tidbits, no quotes - there was nothing. If FRR is going to take a bye week along with the team then maybe it would be best to really take a bye week and not simply go through the motions of producing a show.
    I hate to say this, but this week's FRR falls in the category of "That's 30 minutes I'll never get back".

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