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FRR: 'I Feel Good About What I Did'

It's Monday and we're back with another round of Front Row Radio!

On today's show, we interview Ohio State fifth-year senior quarterback Joe Bauserman. Did he do enough this spring to remain atop the depth chart during the five games that Terrelle Pryor will miss? We chat with Bauserman about that and much more. It was also a big recruiting weekend for the Buckeyes and we bring in Bill Kurelic to give the latest on that front. And in the News segment, Steve Helwagen and Dave Biddle analyze the notice of allegations from the NCAA that OSU received on Friday. What is on the horizon for Jim Tressel and the football program from a sanctions perspective? Helwagen and Biddle also look back on the spring game and the players who helped themselves the most heading into the 2011 season.

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