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FRR: Let's Talk TTUN

Yes, we're going to look back on Ohio State's heart-stopping 21-14 overtime win over Wisconsin -- and we're even going to touch on some Buckeye hoops -- but the crux of today's show is talking about the Michigan, excuse us, That Team Up North, game. Woody Hayes used to refer to OSU's rival as That School Up North, but Urban Meyer has tweaked it to "TTUN." Hey, we're always willing to change with the times here on Front Row Radio.

As for "The Game" itself, what are the keys to Meyer winning his first UM showdown and the Buckeyes completing an improbable 12-0 season? What are our thoughts on UM's quarterback situation? Duane Long and Dave Biddle will touch on that and much more during our roundtable segment.

Steve Helwagen was in Madison this past Saturday and brings us postgame interviews with Philly Brown -- who was one of the stars of the win over WIsconsin with a 68-yard punt return for a touchdown -- and standout linebacker Ryan Shazier.

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  • Dave,
    Your comment about Ohio State's schedule being as tough as ND's is a real stretch. In the current BCS top 25 rankings ND played #8, #13 and #19. OSU has only played #14 and will play #19 this week. In the Sagarin top 50 ratings ND has played #7, #9, #20, #36 and #42 and will play #15 this week. OSU has played #18, #26, #37 and #42 and will play #20 this week. I think you are letting your bias toward OSU and hatred of ND get in the way of your assessment. ND's schedule has not been vastly more difficult than OSU's but it is definitely more difficult.

  • Michigan is going to blitz that white walk on safety a bunch. Off the edge, through the A gap. They like to bring the blind side corner as well. The WR's need to see that, adjust the pattern and boom break it off, catch and YAC baby YAC. I think that is exactly where two people come into play. Evan Spencer and whatever TE is in position. I don't think either of their corners can stick with Philly and Devin either....I would test them deep over and over. Making that safety stay deep and then hit the underneath stuff plus run my boys at RB behind that beautiful O line

  • I didn't say OSU's weak sked was "as tough" or "tougher" than Notre Dame's. I said the schedules are very comparable. I would give ND a slight edge, but not a big one. The point being I understand making ND No. 1 in the AP Poll. But if you make ND No. 1 with their weak schedule and their close wins over bad teams like Pitt and Purdue, you should have OSU at No. 2 since their sked has been very similar and they've been seemingly penalized for barely beating teams like Purdue. OSU's schedule is a step below ND's, but not much. That's why it should be ND 1 and OSU 2.

    What's ND's signature win? A close game over Stanford that most people agree Stanford got jobbed. What's OSU's signature win? A 25-point hammering of Nebraska. Which win is more impressive to you?

    All that being said, I think Alabama would beat ND or OSU pretty easily.

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  • Dave,
    I understand and agree with your point about OSU's ranking, and I would go even further and say that if OSU were bowl eligible they would be rated either #1 or #2. I don't think they are being penalized for barely beating Purdue. ND barely beat Purdue. The voters are penalizing OSU because they are suspended. I also disagree with your game comparisons. ND's signature win is their 30-13 win over Oklahoma, so the comparison is ND's win over Oklahoma versus OSU's win over Nebraska. ND's win over Stanford is more like OSU's win over Wisconsin. I would then say that Oklahoma is much better than Nebraska and Stanford is better than Wisconsin so ND's wins are more impressive than OSU's. We will most likely get to see if ND can beat Alabama. I wouldn't count them out. I have seen and analyzed some of Alabama's games and ND's games. I think ND's defense is actually better than Alabama's defense. Alabama's offense is better than ND's, but ND's offense is improving dramatically each game as Golson gains more experience and Kelly becomes more aggressive with his play calling. As I have watched the ND games they have not won pretty because Kelly has been very conservative with his offense to chew up clock with the running game and let his defense pull out the win. (Much like Tressel and OSU did in 2002.) With the extra practice time before the bowl game to allow Golson to improve I think ND will be very competitive with Alabama. Of course ND has to beat USC and Alabama has to win the SEC championship game.

    I might also add that Sagarin has Alabama currently having the 30th toughest schedule, ND having the 33 toughest and Ohio State having the 54th toughest.

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  • Duane, OSU D didn't give up 500 yards... not sure where that came from.

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    "5 foot 8.....what do they want a basketball team?"

  • Duane

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