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FRR: Recruiting Spectacular

There's no bye week for Front Row Radio.

With Ohio State not having a game this Saturday, we'll focus on recruiting on today's show. We'll kick off the proceedings with an interview with 2016 TE/DE recruit Issac Nauta from Georgia who is one of the top players in the country in his class. What does he like about the Buckeyes? What's his reaction to already having an offer from OSU and several other top programs? We chat with Nauta about that and more.

We also bring in Mark Porter from Scouting Ohio to talk about the best players in Ohio in the 2015 class and who might be headed to Ohio State.

And in the News segment, Bill Kurelic joins us to talk 2014 recruiting. What's the latest with players such as Thomas Holley and Josh Malone?

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