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FRR: The Game; Looking Ahead To '13

We celebrate (and dissect) the win over Michigan and look ahead to the 2013 season on today's show.

* What were the keys to OSU's 26-21 victory over the Wolverines to complete the improbable 12-0 season?

* Will Johnathan Hankins and Brad Roby turn pro?

* Will there be other attrition from the program? Which players in particular are likely to transfer?

* How high will be the 2013 Buckeyes be ranked to start the season? What will the strengths and weaknesses be?

* Thoughts on Jim Tressel being carried off the field by some of his 2002 players on Saturday. Was it the right thing to do?

* We also have interviews with junior left tackle Jack Mewhort and outgoing senior Zach Domicone.

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