FRR: Tressel’s future?

What's with all these rumors floating around about the Ohio State football team? We address that, plus we have a great interview and more on today's Front Row Radio.

Here is our lineup:

* Interview with former OSU basketball player J.J. Sullinger moments after OSU's 98-66 win over George Mason in the NCAA Tournament on Sunday. Is he surprised at how well his brother Jared has played this season for the Buckeyes? Does he think Jared will be back in college next year? He answers those questions and much more.

* News with Dave Biddle, Dan Rubin and Steve Helwagen includes thoughts on the latest rumors surrounding OSU's football team, as well as a lot of discussion about the basketball Buckeyes and their quest for a national championship. What do our staff members think of the matchup against Kentucky?

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