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Front Row Radio: Game Week Is Here

After what seemed like the longest offseason in the history of Ohio State football, game week has finally arrived. And we have a great show to kick off the week.

Orhian Johnson

We have an interview with one of the top recruits in Ohio in the 2013 class, quarterback Malik Zaire from Kettering Alter. He already holds a scholarship offer from Cincinnati at this early stage. What does he think of the Buckeyes? And when does he want to make his decision? Zaire answers those questions and much more.

We also have an interview with OSU junior safety Orhian Johnson who is in the starting lineup along with sophomore C.J. Barnett. What is the biggest improvement Johnson has made since last season? He discusses that and more.

And in the News, Dave Biddle and Dan Rubin talk about the most-interesting storylines for Ohio State entering the 2011 season. Yes, there are certainly a number of them.

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