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Front Row Radio: NCAA Talk, More

March Madness is here... but there's more than just basketball on today's Front Row Radio.

Here is today's lineup:

* Interview with DB recruit Travis Blanks from Tallahassee, Fla. Does one of the nation's top prospects have legitimate interest in Ohio State? Will he take an official visit to OSU? When does he want to decide? What other schools are he considering? He answers that and much more.

* News segment with Dave Biddle and Dan Rubin includes a breakdown of Ohio State's draw in the NCAA Tournament. Did the No. 1 overall seed get the shaft to some extent? Or is it a favorable draw for the Buckeyes? On the football front, what is the latest with the Jim Tressel situation? And what about Kirk Herbstreit moving to Nashville and putting part of the blame on Buckeye fans?

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