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Long View Of Current Events

Stay and take your punishment, Dorian.

*The car buying thing is making me crazy. This was cleared a couple of years ago with Thaddeus Gibson. Now we are going to go back and review every deal? How many deals have been consummated since compliance signed off on the matter? Why would Jim Tressel not think it was okay at that point and direct other players to go to this person who knows how to do these deals in a way the compliance office has signed off on? This is a no-win situation for the program. Either this was wrong and the potential sanctions go up or it is okay. Either way, in the meantime, recruiting suffers.

*I don't know what is going on with Dorian Bell. If I knew Dorian I would tell him that he messed up. Man up. You did this to yourself. Accept responsibility for the actions that have put you in this situation. Transferring shows the immaturity that has kept you off the field and in the doghouse continues.

*Looking forward to 2013, I see the defensive back class shaping up as a potentially promising position. Trotwood Madison's Cam Burrows is the star of the group. I can't help but compare him to Eugene Clifford, who was a big kid who could play corner. If Burrows outgrows corner he will be just as good as a safety. Dymonte Thomas has real star power. He could be a running back but he is just as impressive as a safety. Jalyn Powell is looking like a defensive back who could be highly recruited. Copley's Aregeros Turner and Avon's Ross Douglass have the kind of hips, feet and make-up speed top corners are made from. Turner lit up a combine about a month ago to the point that Illinois felt compiled to offer him. Both are long for being in the 5-foot-9 to 5-10 range. Everyone wants big corners but they don't come around very often. The recent NFL draft showed the average corner is in the 5-10 range. Mooney has a pair of future potential Big Ten safeties in Marcus McWilson and Courtney Love. Both need to work on tackling but that is the only thing missing.
I have to mention a kid from Kings named Justin Crull. He is not the biggest or fastest, but he is big enough and fast enough. This kid has that uncanny ability to find the football. He gets his hands on the ball more than any offensive coordinator would be comfortable with, whether it’s an interception or pass defended. He is also quite adept at knocking the stuffing out of anyone who tries to come between him and the ball. He may not light up a combine but some coaches are going to like the football player in this kid, and I want to point out again that he is not small or slow.

*I have a change in my rankings that impacts the 2012 linebacker class.
Several people whose opinions I respect have seen elite prospect Ifeadi Odenigbo up close recently. They say he is not his listed 205-210. He is more like 190. I thought he could be a defensive end and he still could be but I am moving him back to linebacker now. That strengthens a weak linebacker class, with only two elite kids, Odenigbo and Bolden, but does not really change the defensive end class because it is so deep. My 2012 linebacker class now looks like this:

1 - Ifeadi Odenigbo, Centerville
2 - Joe Bolden, Colerain
3 - LaKeith Walls, Rhodes
4 - Kaleb Ringer, Northmont
5 - Mike Svetina, St. Ignatius

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