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Longview: Thoughts On Recruiting

Duane Long is back with his premium-only column, Longview.

Robert Foster

It's most-often a recruiting-based column and it's a must-read for all the Ohio State recruiting fans out there.

Today's edition delves into several topics, such as: Khaliel Rodgers, Dennis Finley, Robert Foster, Devon Allen, Devonte Whitfield, Mike Mitchell, Dante Booker and more.

Here is an excerpt:

It is very early but I am having a hard time not getting excited about the 2014 linebacker class, Donte Booker, Raekwon McMillan and Clifton Garrett. I have looked at their films quite a bit. I have looked back at the best linebacker classes we have seen here. I would take these three over the 2002 class with A.J. Hawk, Bobby Carpenter and Mike D’Andrea.

The fact is, the decision was not that hard. That is not as big a statement as you think it is. You are thinking about the players they became as college players. I saw film of those three back in high school. I doubt most of you did. That was back before the explosion of film available on the internet. This trio are better athletes and better football players. D’Andrea belonged in there with them as an athlete. Hawk belonged in there with them as a football player. Overall, as high school prospects, the 2002 linebackers did not belong in the same conversation as Booker, McMillan and Garrett. The one that has me the most excited right now is McMillan. What a wrecking machine he is.

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