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News Links: 1/28

Chattanooga Times Free Press: Vonn Bell enjoys his visit to Tennessee

Vonn Bell now has to make a final decision between Ohio State, Tennessee and Alabama.

The O-Zone: Around The-Ozone Watercooler: Do Fans Make Too Much of Recruiting?

The O-Zone: Most Important Buckeyes: No. 3

The O-Zone: Thompson Working to Shed Sideshow Label

The Lantern: Ohio State's Gee discusses higher ed’s future, underwear in Twitter chat

AP: Ohio State women fall to No. 8 Penn State

Canton Rep: McKinley grad Alston learning under fire in Big Ten

MLive: Ranking Michigan's 10 best recruits (including Derrick Green) since 2002

Detroit News: Key games this week in the Big Ten

  • How many cases can anyone remember where the recruit did NOT enjoy their official visit with all expenses paid and the red-carpet laid out for them? I'd be interested in hearing any comments about recruits who did NOT enjoy their official visits. The only recent one I can think of off the top of my head is the Virginia recruit who got arrested during his official visit for kicking cars when his baby-sitter was absent. lol

    These recruits are becoming quite professional regarding how to address the media. It's a good growing experience for the vast majority of them dealing with the recruitment process.

    Now, let's hope for the best with Von Bell.

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