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News Links: 2/13

The Lantern: With a Ring Comes Bell

Vonn Bell's path to Ohio State started over a year ago.

The Lantern: Commentary: So, Urban Meyer, Woody Hayes and a turtle walk into a bar

The Lantern: Woody Hayes’ 100th birthday inspires new Ohio State statue

The Lantern: Shelley Meyer hosts tea party, jokes about whether throwing a football around is a ‘real job’

Dispatch: Ohio State wrestling: The epitome of brotherly love

ESPN: Alvarez: No more FCS games for B1G

ESPN: Ten thoughts from the road on the Big Ten Tom Oates: Big Ten decision is rare instance where 'good for business' is also 'good for fans'

Off Tackle Empire: Interview with Gerry Dinardo

Detroit Free Press: Drew Sharp: Michigan State hammers Michigan, proves its still class of the state

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