What I Am Hearing

It is full speed ahead here at Bucknuts.com in regards to the Buckeyes 2014 and 2015 recruiting efforts. I have my ear to the ground and am hearing plenty of chatter. Today I have the latest edition of What I Am Hearing regarding Ohio State recruiting.

Is there reason to think there is a good chance 4-star LB Dillon Bates will be a Buckeye?

The Buckeyes might have a “hidden advantage” when it comes to landing one of their top out-of-state offensive line targets.

Is there reason to think 4-star linebacker Dillon Bates, the son of former Dallas Cowboy Billy Bates, will be a Buckeye?

An offensive lineman the Buckeyes have a very legitimate shot at landing is called by one coach, “the best offensive lineman I have seen.”

An outstanding cornerback not many people are talking much about in connection with OSU is thinking about attending the Buckeyes’ spring game.

I have the scoop on all of these topics and more. Click below for the story…

What I Am Hearing

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