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Better shooter Diebler or Stauskas??

  • If no one minds, a couple of acts might be of interest.

    Diebler took 166 3's as a freshman, and shot .289. Then he and the coaches took his shot apart and put it back together, to become the player you remember.

    Stauskus has taken 124 3's to date, and is shooting .476.

    Someone said it is too soon to know. I agree, but the facts suggest that the Wolverine is ahead at the 1/4 pole. He already has a far more versatile game than Diebler did as a senior, which hurt his NBA prospects.

  • I can't disagree with the assessment of the freshman year in a vacuum, but there is a lot of basketball to play.

    As for the comment about Diebler's draft status, I don't get it. Diebler was drafted because of his ability to hit the perimeter shot. Versatility had nothing to do with it. It was Diebler's specialty that got him drafted to begin with. Lighty, a very versatile player and all around better athlete, went undrafted. Same for Buford the following year. Diebler was the second best pro prospect to come out of Ohio State the past two years behind Sully and that proved true through the draft. My point being, Stauskus, if we are comparing his pro prospects to Diebs, is not ever going to be drafted because of his all around game. he, like Diebs, will be a specialist in the NBA. Neither Stauskus or Diebler is/was "versatile" enough or athletic enough to get drafted on those merits.

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  • I wouldn't doubt it if Stauskus' 3pt pct is down around40-42 by the end of the season. It's been dropping for some time now. As someone else said before, the more shots he takes with someone in his face the harder it is going to be to keep his pct. that high. We're getting later in the season and getting closer to tournament time where he will be going up against better competition more often. That percentage is going to come down.

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  • The NBA wants one great talent - deep shooting, penetration, Rodman-like defense, rebounding. That gets a look, but the player has to add other features in order to be successful, because the league will focus on taking away that talent. As Jim Cleamons told me, "You have to develop a counter." That is why it was so important for Diebler to develop his total game at OSU. He did not do that. When he was drafted, NBA people saw that he could not do it. The only way he gets to the NBA is if he does.

    The way Stauskus has improved this year in taking the ball to the rim far outdistances Diebler's growth over his time at OSU. I expect him to continue that development and be a big scorer at Michigan in future years, depending on how soon Burke and Hardaway go. The NBA will like his deep shooting, see that he can score in other ways, draft him in the first round and he will make some money.

    Diebler may yet expand his game. I am rooting for him, as he contributed a great deal at OSU. Think Jason Kidd in reverse. Kidd was a rim breaker for many years, but over time made himself into a major threat from deep.