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Can you name 5 people...

  • 1) Jesus, for many reasons
    2) Abe Lincoln, for many reasons as well
    3) Jack, would love to spend a day on the course with him
    4) Keith Richards, still rocknroll poster child to me
    5) Traci Lords, no need to ask why

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  • 1. If I can have more than 5 then ALL of seal team 6 Would love to hear them talk about that. If not, then the dude who put a whole in Bin Laden's melon.

    2. MLK I want to know what he would think of the state of race relations today and how the Democratic party in particular treats minorities. My guess he would not be happy with the DEM party as it exists today.

    3. Gahndi Peace guy right. I would love to see if he thinks passive resitance is the best if you punched him in the beak. Not that I dislike the guy but it's like how every atheist finds god in a foxhole, if you punch Ghandi, does he hit back?

    4. Oswald/Ruby- to clear up the assasination once and for all

    5. George Washington Great general, great president, probably a good guy to pick his brain right now.

    In sports list would be much different
    1. Jesse Owens Would love to hear him smack talk about Hitler
    2. Barry Sanders I wonder if he walked away because it wasn't worth playing for a team that had no shot at winning it all anymore and risking permanent injury
    3. Jack Nicklaus Dude can tell you what he hit on #13 second round of the 1977 Pensacola Open. Mind like a steel trap and opinionate Would make a great conversation
    4. Tiger Woods What's it like to have that much money and bang everything that walks upright. Why did he settle for skanks?
    5. Bob Gibson just to see if he is as intimidating in real life as he was on the mound.