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Don't You miss Dick Rod up North!!

  • From Their Rec. Brd!!!

    days ago

    HotSauce said...

    I know the record was not good and the recruiting (defense especially) was not typical Michigan, but were the recruiting classes really that terrible? Robinson is obviously an all time wolverine great and probably a national great. He is the only wolverine I have ever rooted for. There seem to be some speedy guys at wr. Hoke did have success with the same guys once they were coached better. What do you think the same group of kids record would have been if hoke was the coach instead of Rodriguez? ( I realize he would not have recruited the same kids.)

    We've already seen just how much better Hoke can do with RichRod's kids than RichRod could, the 2011 season is evidence of that. I think Hoke makes that team into at least a consistent 7-6, 8-4 team. Of course, it'd probably be even better than that, since Hoke arriving wouldn't have forced out Ryan Mallett.

    As for RichRod's classes, don't be fooled by the few huge stars like Robinson and Lewan. In 2011, most of the biggest stars were still Lloyd Carr's guys (RVB, Mike Martin, Molk, etc.) - so we've got a huge talent gap between the last of the Carr regime and the start of Hoke's recruiting.

    I keep telling people just how devastating RichRod's recruiting was, so let's examine it:

    RichRod's first class had 22 commits. Of those 22, 7 left the team for various reasons. This was probably RichRod's best class, as it produced Lewan, Robinson, Roh, Toussaint and Gallon. However, this was the start of the absolute decimation of the OL/DL depth at Michigan. There was only one DT in the class (BWC) and only 3 OLs (Lewan, Schofield, Q.Wash).

    26 commits, 13 left the team. 50%. Unbelievable. Although this class is best known for the Demar Dorsey failure, the entire class was pretty miserable. In order, the best 3 players from this class are: Jake Ryan, Devin Gardner and...Drew Dileo. Yes, that's right, Drew Dileo. The OL woes continued too, as the only OL RichRod brought in for this class (Christian Pace) left the team. How a coach thinks he can win with a grand total of 4 OLs over 2 classes is beyond me.

    19 recruits, 5 left the team. The OL recruiting was again miserable, as Tony Posada (gone) and Chris Bryant were the only true OLs brought in - Jack Miller was a DT switched to C. Counting Miller, we're now at a total of 7 OLs over 3 classes, only 4 of whom are still playing OL for Michigan. The best player in this class was Blake Countess, followed by Desmond Morgan and Frank Clark. This class is also notable because it contained the ONLY TE RichRod ever got to commit (Chris Barnett, who promptly transferred out a year later).


    3 classes, 67 commits, 25 who left Michigan. 7 OLs. 1 TE. The best receivers out of those 3 classes were afterthoughts, Gallon and Dileo. None of the highly-ranked playmakers panned out - you could make an argument for Fitz, but after this year, I'm not counting on him. RichRod should also be commended for taking 3 scholarship kickers in 3 years - clearly, we needed more kickers than TEs. I can't stress enough just how bad the recruiting was under RichRod.

  • I'm not impressed with either. The difference between the two is Greg Mattison. Take him out and they both have the same record. As far as Robinson being one if the great college players I don't know about that. He never played that great against the good teams. To be considered great you have to play your best against the best. JMO

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    Urban 2 Hoke 0

  • I guess it makes sense that hoax has recruits 38 olinemen since he's been there because they had no depth at that pos group.

  • Why would i miss rich rod when we have the hokester! lol

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    The brave don't live long but Cowards don't live at All!

  • I know one thing..... they sure don't miss Jim Tressel.

    9-1. LOL.

  • Brady Hoke has to be very concerned when he sees Urban Meyer across he sidelines.....its not going to get any better for him in the coming years wiht the Buckeyes....there will be a continuation of the 1-10 record accumulated from LLLLLLLoyd Carr, RR and Hoax is a complete return to the "Tressel Hex" wiht no real letdown.....I am sure this will be true of the rest of the league in a few Bob Doyle used to say "you know it, I know it, and the American people know it"..ha ha

  • Now u can understand why Hoke had to recruit a ton of OL personnel. The cupboard was pretty bare up there.