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Heater's immediately after the game analysis -- UCF

  • The players themselves said as much in the post game interviews. It's early and I believe that many of the mistakes we see right now won't be a big concern by Mich St. time. Better to make those errors now and get them corrected before B10 play. Right? Go Bucks!!

  • Heater, I agree with what you're saying. Too many expected things to work like clockwork.

    Lets not romanticize the offense in the Tressel years, the close calls, or the years where our defense was lackluster. Our struggle was defensive pressure (in my opinion, bad game plan and players out of position) and not our offense. 31 points is never a bad day. At no point did I feel we would lose this game. There were plenty of games during the Tressel era against worst competition where we simply got lucky. In the Tressel era, almost getting beat by a dog (even when our teams were good) was an annual event.

    Our defense in the past (even when they were very good) started lackluster. In fact, there were plenty of years where the whole team underperformed 3/4 of the season and turned it on in November. It's annoying that with all mess that Tressel left, so many are not affording Urban time with the transition. Depth IS an issue with this team where certain positions were not recruited as well. A drop-off was going to happen even without this scandal. The experience of the "Brew Crew" meant we overlooked the lack of player development behind them.

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  • These option reads are brutal for Hyde. He's a power back and wont do much in this offense.

  • Heater you cannot expect the DB's to check WR's for 5+ seconds. This chump from UCF looked alot better than he should have. Fickell has to send people. This sit back and get picked apart is ridiculous.

    Akron shredded this secondary and we didn't throw a pass over 20 yards WTF...Akron!! Akron had many dropped passes as well.

    They need to throw the ball and nthen everything else will open up.

    Once again we ran Vanilla on offense and defense. Unfortunately O'leary was right all week...we are predictable. One of my concerns was Meyer kept some of the old staff. Our defense was predictable and rushing 3 guys is a fucking joke against this chump ass QB.

    Braxton will not last the entire season if we keep running him like this. The next two games are warmups. We need to get sharper.

    UCF is a good team. IMO they are the 5th best team we play. They would give PSU/Michigan/Illinois/Wiscky a game if not beat them. MSU,Neb, and Purdue are the only teams we play that are definbately better.

    10 PENALTIES AND 3 TURNOVERS don't help things out.

    Blitz more and play Spence, Washington, and Miller more...everytime they get in they block kicks...gets pressure/sacks...I hear their names.

    Meyer is not gonna take this Mickey Mouse Bullshit anymore...the law will be laid down this week.

  • Heater

    I Don't think I am ignoring improvements made by Miller at all. I said that he has. However, focusing on the areas for improvement is the way to get better. I don't go to the driving range to work on my sand wedge shit because I am good with those. I can't keep my 4 iron true at all though. So I'll work on that.

    He is excellent with his legs. The problem is that a QB needs to be excellent with his arm as well. This no Steve Bellisari here. But he's not senior year Troy Smith either. Having said that I will also state that I recorganize that Troy Smith took plenty of incubating to get to that point.

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  • I'm not trying to give Brax any free passes, but I think he is effectively a Freshman in the passing game because of the way he was treated last year. We saw a couple of easy TDs there for the taking in The Game, but we wouldn't have connected on 99 out of 100 of those because we did nothing to work on the passing offense at game speed. He threw very infrequently, even those were like stretch run plays, and he was encouraged to run. Our passing play was the QB draw. We have seen it in two games this season as well. He throws the long ball just like he throws the quick slant - low and flat, no air under it. At this point, he's almost better throwing long on the run, where he has to heave it and gets some air under it. Keep him in the pocket and he throws long darts.

    I have no idea what the staff did with him from January through August 2011, but it was apparently not very much. That was a huge miss on their part. As for his continued development, part of it is footwork, part of it is just more game experience in the passing offense, and part of it is just committing to the deep ball. We have to use it to open the box. Right now, we're running most running plays up the gut, regardless of who the ball carrier is or what formation we're in. The lack of a deep passing threat lets the LBs and Safeties cheat into the box and limit rushing yardage. Get those guys thinking out there a little bit about whether the play is going to stay in front of them or go over the top, and the whole offense. Then we start working checkdowns. We're two games in and we've hardly seen the intermediate passing game to the TE at all yet. There is so much more to come, but we have to establish some threat of the long passing game to get there.

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  • Is it possible that the team has to think through every play and it is not yet automatic and when they put the time in it will be second nature and the offense will be more fluid?

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