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How would you rank our coaches and why?

  • Obviously Coach Meyer is the man, But what about the rest of the staff?

    1a Ed Warriner -
    Positives: Our Oline has made a dramatic turnaround.These guys were fat and unmotivated when he took over and now they are the best unit on our team. Literally worst to first.
    Negatives: ?
    1b Coach Mick -
    Positives: The best coach in CFB for what he does, he motivates and gets everything out of his players.
    Negatives: ?
    2 Tom Herman -
    Positives: Instilled a new explosive offense and turned Brax into a semi functional QB.
    He is also recruiting Texas very well.
    Negatives: ?
    3 Vrabs -
    Positives: Former Buckeye, passion for the game, connects with recruits well.
    Negatives: Does not like to rotate, defense struggled to get pressure at times.
    4 Hinton and Smith -
    Positives: connect with recruits well
    Negatives : there position groups weren't spectacular this year.
    5 Luke, Withers, Coombs
    Positives: recruiting
    Negatives: at times disastrous defense

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  • #1 Warriner- The aforementioned explanations explain everything.

    #2 Marotti- Ditto

    #3 Coombs- You all have him WAY underrated. Go back and watch the games again and tell me how many blown coverages are on the corners. You'll notice the people missing tackles are the linebackers in coverage and the safeties deep. Both the LB's and S's were constantly taking bad angles too. Bradley Roby played lights out and Travis Howard (while mistake prone at times, still held the other spot pretty well). Any time a big play happened, Coombs was the most visibly enthusiastic. I like the man. I'm excited about his future here.

    #4 Hinton- He doesn't have any big time playmakers (Not knocking the guys but Vannett and Heuerman don't compare to the Dion Sims, Travis Beckums, Aaron Hernandez's, etc. of the world, at least not in terms of natural ability). They're average tight ends, but you never saw them missing a block or missing a catch. They were underrapreciated and I think Hinton did a hell of a job with them. Can't wait to see him coaching someone like Marcus Baugh.

    #5 Drayton- Carlos Hyde was fun to watch at times. He has been coached up quite well. Also, Rod Smith (when he wasn't fumbling) was a sight to behold. I think Brionte Dunn did well enough too. Drayton did a good job with the RB's this year.

    #6 Herman- Braxton Miller (with all of his playmaking ability) can be fun to watch at times. Other times, he's makes you scratch your head. I definitely think that he's improved compared to when he was coached by Siciliano, but he still hasn't mastered certain fundamentals and his decision making is still poor at times. However, Kenny Guiton did a great job with the time he had and the Purdue win will live on in my heart for the rest of my life. I think next year they're both going to form one of the best quarterback duos in the country.

    #7 Vrabel- At certain points, the D-line was dominant and helped us win games we should've lost. Other times, they were average. The biggest knock was the lack of a consistent pass rush. How do you play that many 4 and 5 star players (and future 1st round draft picks) and fail to be a consistently dominant defensive line? Maybe Vrabel is still learning how to be a coach. He's still young. There's time for him to become a great one.

    #8 Fickell- What in the hell happened to this guy? He used to turn average linebackers into men. This year, he was blessed to have a playmaker in Shazier and a senior in Sabino, as well as a fullback who knew a thing or two about the linebacker position. He literally did nothing for all of the backups on the team. He was equally disappointing as D-coordinator. His defense was shit for half of the season. All of those playmakers and we got smoked offensively by the Indiana's, Purdues, and UAB's of the world. I hope that he's learned from this season. If he continues the status quo, this won't be a national championship caliber team until he's gone. Make bank on that. I think he'll do better next year and I was quite impressed with how well he held it down in the Wisconsin game.

    #9 Smith- Oh, we have a wide receivers coach? That's news to me. Look it, I don't want to hate on the guy, but our receivers were mediocre or worse. Devin Smith started the season strong and then just disappeared. Jake Stoneburner could've been a major weapon and we rarely heard his name called. Philly Brown was an offensive dynamo because he could catch passes in the flat and make a few guys miss. Other than that, there was no depth, no playmaking, nothing exciting. I hope things get better. I'm still spoiled from what Darrel Hazell did with receivers and I want better than what we have right now.

    #10 Withers- "We held them to 15 (or whatever the real number was) points. That's what I give a shit about." I haven't liked him since that remark. That's the most complacent thing I've heard from a coach. It doesn't help him that our 3rd year starter safeties were mediocre (although Bryant started to turn the corner toward the end of the season). They consistenly whiffed on tackles, tried to hit hard instead of wrapping up, and took bad angles. Their awareness wasn't always great either. That's a major disppointment. When I initially heard we were getting Withers, I was beside myself with joy. After all, he turned perenniel nobody North Carolina into a top 10 defense (and their safeties were fun to watch). Right now, I expect better from Withers. Actually, I fully expect him to bolt for a better position within the next year or two. However, I wish he would give Barnett and Bryant great senior seasons. They certainly can't do much worse than what they did this year, given their ability, but headscratching lack of production.

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