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If you were wondering about Urban preparing for THE GAME

  • Zskillit

    Ok, obviously he has been working his ass off preparing the team, that's a given. But I'm sure you, like me, have wanted to know what exactly he was doing. During his presser he was describing taking old things form other coaches, including the late great JT, among others. Anyway, during the BMOC column this week on ESPN, which is one of the few pretty level-headed weekly commentaries on ESPN, he had a lot to say about the B1G, and THE GAME. Oh yeah, he also has Braxton Miller #1 for the Heisman. Anywho, here is what he said about the game. Tell me THIS doesn't pump you up.


    Just got back from Columbus, where The Ohio State's players, coaches and staff are working their way into a Defcon 1 state of readiness for Saturday's game against The Michigan.

    Walk down any hallway of the Buckeyes' football facility and you'll see sign after poster board-sized sign heralding the football rivalry between the two programs. Except that on every sign, the M-word (Michigan) has been blacked out or covered in athletic training tape. In it's place is the handwritten, That Team Up North.

    There is a NASA-like countdown clock at the end of one hallway, measuring the days, hours, minutes and seconds to the noon kickoff at Ohio Stadium. There is another countdown clock in the Buckeyes' massive weightroom, as well as rivalry banners on the second-floor railings. Every plasma screen in the weightroom has Michigan-Ohio State programming on a continuous loop.

    See Woody Hayes and Bo Schembechler scowl. See stadium tunnel dust-ups. See black-and-white footage of old-timers. See crushing tackles that make your teeth hurt. See anger, football hatred and, yes, respect.

    "I just knew since the day I was born in the state of Ohio, it was made very clear who the enemy was," said Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer. "The enemy's up north, a little bit west."

    This isn't a 2 percent milk rivalry. There's nothing diluted about the way the Buckeyes feel about the Wolverines, and the Wolverines feel about the Buckeyes. They won't even speak each other's name. In fact, I'm not sure Meyer will let his team see the remake of "Red Dawn." (Why? The freedom fighting heroes call themselves "Wolverines.")

    On Monday I saw Meyer semi-playfully (I think) question a TV producer's choice of shirt color.

    The producer was wearing blue -- one of Michigan's colors.

    "It's the best rivalry in all of sports," said Buckeyes linebacker Etienne Sabino.

    This rivalry has a mean streak to it, but not poison-a-tree kind of meanness. There isn't an absolute out-of-whack viciousness to it that, say, Auburn-Alabama has.

    Don't get me wrong -- I love that Bama-Auburn rivalry. But there's nothing healthy about it. It's a guilty pleasure, like washing down large fries with a chocolate shake while watching a Judge Judy marathon.

    10. Ohio vs. that team up north, Part II

    It is only right that Michigan is the team that separates Ohio State from an undefeated season and, who knows, a chance at a split national championship.

    There is a lot to like about these Wolverines, especially their talent and their resolve. But no team in the country has shown the kind of resolve that Ohio State has. (Check that -- Penn State has.)

    Because of NCAA sanctions (how'd that cover-up work out, Jim Tressel?), the Buckeyes are ineligible for the postseason. They got Leaders Division champion hats and T-shirts (whooee!) and Meyer says they're getting rings too.

    But no BCS standings. No BCS bowl. No possibility of a Notre Dame versus Ohio State national championship game.

    This is Ohio State's bowl game. It's Ohio State's everything for 2012. To go undefeated under these circumstances -- and to win that final game against your archrival -- would make it impossible not to have Meyer on the shortest list of Coach of the Year candidates.

    Just for the record, Michigan has ended Ohio State unbeaten seasons in 1969, 1973, 1993, 1995 and 1996.

    "All year you work every game, you want to win every game," said Sabino. "But in the back of your mind you know you have that team up north that you need to play at at the end of the season. To beat them, it makes your season."

    And if you lose?

    "It will haunt you all year," he said.

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  • As a senior, I think he meant to say...

    "It will haunt you for the rest of your life."

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  • Zskillit

    Haha, so true.

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  • rest of your life. yes

    This post was edited by olref129665 20 months ago

  • -Because of NCAA sanctions (how'd that cover-up work out, Jim Tressel?)

    SMH these guys just have to take shots a Tressel over and over and's ridiculous, let the man live, Im sure he is over it and happier with his life than ever, while guys like this are miserable with their lives. Long Live JT, Welcome back to the shoe!!!

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    "Dayton's Own"