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Jerry Sandusky - Something To Consider

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  • " THAT is what will drive folks like Jerry out of our communities and protect these kids"

    That is a passionate and emboldening speech. People like you are what keeps the ebb to the flow of nastiness. Unfortunately, I think your conclusion is drawn from more misguided hope than pragmatism.

    According to the rules of the predator/prey relationship, at least one of these two things must happen:

    1. predators become so abundant there is not enough prey so they either move on or cease to predate

    2. there is no prey available

    And I am not sure there is much that can be about #2

  • I find it remarkable that some posters here are certain that the NCAA is going to mete out harsh punishment to PSU--I've read opinions that the "NCAA is all over PSU", that this entire Sandusky mess defines LOIC and that there are going to be SMU-like penalties with 5-year bowl bans.

    To be sure, the NCAA is closely following what's transpiring in State College--but so is everyone else with a keen interest in college football and intercollegiate athletics. The last thing the NCAA needs to do is get itself mixed up and potentially interfere with the ongoing investigations being conducted by the Justice Department and by the PA Attorney General.

    There are going to be further criminal cases regarding Gary Schultz and Tim Curley. Lying to a grand jury may be the least significant charge these guys face. Graham Spanier and others may have their day in court as well if recently released documents prove that a vast cover-up existed. I would expect that the NCAA would allow these proceedings to play out to whatever conclusion before it interjects itself into this matter.

    There is no precedent for the NCAA relative to the Penn State case. The Baylor basketball case may have some degree of similarity in terms of a horrible crime, but there was not a situation that involved the downfall of a university president and an athletic director. A "wait and see" approach is the correct thing to do here. Allow all the facts and criminal charges to be developed and only then make a decision about what, if any, type of institutional and program sanctions are appropriate.

    The NCAA has a constitution and bylaws that govern its mission. These governing rules clearly were not established to handle issues like the Jerry Sandusky case and issues like institutional conspiracies to silence criminal wrongdoing. The NCAA is going to have to work through its purpose and role in relation to the final outcome of this entire case before it becomes formally involved.

    I agree with the above post that many of the cited examples, above, are distasteful and even callous in relation to what's really important here: first, the prosecution of an alleged serial child molester; second, the prosecution of persons in authority that failed to report and act upon information that children were being sexually abused; and third, the prosecution of conspirators who covered up these matters.

  • Very true, which is why the original post was so well done. We have to protect our children and be vigilant as a society. Sex offenders are lurking everywhere and come from all walks of life, but one axiom exists and that is they will all seek out prey. I have sent numerous men to prison that nobody, not even their own families, would expect of committing such acts. They all had one thing in common: they sought child victims that were vulnerable due to poor family situations, mental impairment, low self esteem, etc. Just the other day I had a conversation with the director of our local correctional services, who used to be a reentry agent for sex offenders with the state corrections, and he relayed a story of a level III offender under his supervision. The guy was cooperating and trying to be helpful, but he said: "If you take me to a playground right now with several hundred students I can tell you within 30 minutes, which kids I would approach. You will see them at the margins of the games, by themselves with low self-esteem, maybe acting inappropriately. These kids are desperate for anyone to pay attention to them, and any predator is more than willing to do so."

    I am amazed at how many grown adults have no clue about what to look for, because case after case it adults that could have prevented it, but regular adults don't expect predators to exist or behave this way. One of the victims in Sandusky has already testified that his own guidance counselor didn't believe him. Kids don't make this crap up folks. And if it is a kid fabricating, it is normally pretty easy to spot. I don't mind threads or news on Sandusky because cases like this will make it clear to mainstream men and women that this child abuse happens everywhere, committed by predators you don't remotely expect, that delayed reporting is common, and that children rarely fabricate sexual abuse disclosures. The common theme though is that predators seek prey and all of us need to be on the lookout for it.

  • I do a fair amount of family work in my law practice and regularly oppose Prosecutors and even appointed Children's lawyers to try and get courts to truly provide solutions for children and families. Answers are often provided, but not solutions.

    Great work you are doing, truly commendable.

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    The closest that I will ever get to a Buckeye ring or Gold Pants. Saw it sold on e-bay April 29, 2011 for $8500.

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  • This post is for members of Bucknuts only. Join now! Start Free Trial
  • For anyone who lives in the Cincinnati area - I volunteer with a great organization called Pro Kids that is also foster care/CASA in nature (Court Appointed Special Guardians)

    Their younger hipper branch, PKYP (Young Professionals) is having a one year birthday bash at the The Art of Entertaini​ng - 2019 Madison Rd., Cincinnati​ OH 45208 - for anyoen interested in getting involved. It's a great cause and very easy to do.

    Here is some more information:

    Tickets to the Birthday Bash include a casual 5 course dinner, three drink tickets, and an entry into a raffle to win packages from The Art of Entertaining, Poeme, Joseph Beth, The Cincinnati Reds, and a Wheel Barrel of Fun!

    Please RSVP by June 18th.

    Free Parking
    Tickets: $35.00 each

    You can now register on-line! Click https://​​donation.aspx?prokids and select "Attend PKYP Birthday Bash" to purchase tickets, then select "Pack a Child's Backpack" to sponsor a foster child for the 2012 school year.


    Wheel Barrow of 'fun' is a wheel barrow full of liquor (my idea)!

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