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Jordan Hicks and McCoy suspended for Texas


    This Is from Hookm247.

    Jordan Hicks apparently lawyered up.

    This is the original post from a Hookem horns poster BUT as you read further it implies only Hicks has a lawyer. Someone comments Case should get one regardless of what the police are telling him.

    Something interesting I heard about the Sexual Assault
    Hot - Posts: 61 - Views: 3216 - Started by: Willow01
    Willow01835 posts
    Not sure if this is accurate or not, but I heard that Jordan Hicks was observing and that Case was the one with the girl that filed the complaint. That would make sense in that it has been stated that the girl went to Tech and she knew one of the players from high school and since Hicks is from Ohio; the probability that he was the one out of him and McCoy that knew her would be slim. It would also make sense that the guy that knew her would probably be the one trying to hook up with her.
    One lesson that needs to be learned (especially by young guys) is that having sex with an intoxicated female that is a stranger is considered rape by law. I don't like the law and think it needs to be changed because it basically says that women don't have accountability of their decisions if they are intoxicated, but a male does. I learned about this long ago back in college when a good friend of mine was accused of date rape of a drunk girl who only ended up dropping the charges the night before he was to be indicted because she admitted that she just had remorse when her friends saw her come back to the dorm early in the morning after being seen leave the bar with him. It cost his family over $20,000 in attorney fees and he had to leave school because of the incident.
    Most of these type cases that involves both people being intoxicated are thrown out because how can one intoxicated person make sound judgement on how intoxicated the other person is to not be able to give consent? This case will all come down to how over zealous the District Attorney is in wanting to try a high profile case involving college football players.
    When it comes to overly attractive, but sloppy drunk strange females; the best play guys is to just get their number and call them tomorrow!
    You just never know when one of them is going to wake up and blame everyone else but themselves for their lack of judgement and actions and ruin your life in the short or long term.
    8 hours ago
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  • I guess the question is if it is against the Law to watch a guy and a girl having sex if it is determined a rape went on. I have no idea about rape crimes. Does anyone have the answer on that?

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  • It appears it was Jordan having sex with her. That whole thread I posted has tons of people interpreting and debating the law of consent versus blood alcohol content etc..,legally drunk can't be consensual , blacking out and having sex etc.. I haven't a clue..

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  • So it wasn't Case McCoy having sex with the girl? I only ask because your previous post says that Jordan was only watching. Either way it is a sad situation. I hope the police can get it sorted out.

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  • I posted the initial comment on that thread from Hook m Horns.

    As I read through the 60 plus posts, a different Texas poster said Hicks was the only one who lawyered up.. There is a tweet or statement from Hicks lawyer that states.."consensual"

    Another thread. Will Case McCoy return next year? This thread also implies it was Hicks and you can't justify kicking Case off the team for this, especially if Hicks isn't indicted.

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