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Mattison's puppet regime?

  • Given that Mattison is clearly their best recruiter and best X's and O's coach, combined with the fact that he's so highly paid got me thinking. Is Mattison really the Defacto coach while Hoke functions as some sort of figurehead? On game day, Hoke doesn't even have a headset on. So, if he's not coaching, and he's not effective at recruiting--what is his value to the team? It reminds me of FSU with Bobby Bowden toward the end where Jimbo Fisher was really the head coach and Bowden just stood on the sidelines. They're screwed if they ever lose Mattison because Hoke isn't qualified to even be a coordinator at the Big Ten level.

  • What you say DOES appear to be spot on. +1

  • Consider what they do. Defensively, Mattison has been able to take a bunch of rag tag talent and make them statistically significant. How? Unlike Charlie Tuna's empty promise, Mattison gives them a decided schematic advantage. He sells out against the opponents tendencies, betting that you won't make him pay for it. And most teams don't. OSU attacked their primary weakness - DL interior - and didn't put themselves in a position to let TTUN dictate what we did offensively.

    On offense, they were only at their best when they went away from an Al Borges offense and let Denard run around and make stuff happen. They have not seen much growth at any other position - OL included - and really haven't started to form an offensive identity in two years, let alone a successful one. Their biggest win last year was Northwestern at home, and NW gave that game away late.

    So what does Hoke do? He makes cracks about 'Ohio', jaws with the players, encourages their smack talk on the field, regardless of whether they are able to back it up, and selects the menus. Other than that, I don't see what he does. Mattison is the gameplanner, recruiting closer, converses with opposing coaches after the game, etc. Hoke picks up a paycheck and gets free food. A lot of free food.

    I am dying to see what they are able to do on O this year. I don't expect much.