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Message Boards - Your Thoughts...

  • It's a slow Saturday for sports so I figured it was a good day to share and hear thoughts about the nature of the online message board. So, I've been on Bucknuts for almost two years now and this is the first fan website I've ever joined. When I first subscribed I thought the message boards were full of a lot of crazies and wack job fans. Well, I was partly right and I've sense joined the lot. Two years in I thought I'd share the what I find enjoyable, amusing, and distasteful about the online message board.

    - Information Updates: If something happened in the sports world even remotely associated with tOSU it will have a thread. Nothing slips by Bucknut posters!
    - Humor: I love wit and sarcasm so I appreciate the Bucknuters who bring that to the forum.
    - Devil's Advocate: I really enjoy the posters who don't say what everyone else wants to hear. I appreciate those w/ 4 stars (yes I'm rationalizing because I have 4 stars) because they get enough up-votes that they're not annoying but enough down-votes that shows they're not afraid to speak their mind.

    - Sources: I absolutely love all of the Adam Schefter wannabes in here. Anytime I read, "I've got a source..." it brings a smile to my face. Thankfully, I get plenty of insider information from the incredible staff at Bucknuts that I can get a good kick out of those who are doing their best to get a scope on a story by quoting some random guy on Twitter who has 30 followers. Love it!
    - Coaching Advice: Admittedly, I fall into this camp often, but I really enjoy the incredible advice given by Bucknuters. If the coaches were smart they'd study our thoughts for a better game plan. I mean, we bring incredible knowledge of having played high school football, or at the very least, college intramural football. We've mastered the Madden playbook so we damn right have a place to advice our coaches.

    - Insulting Recruits: Nothing says hypocrisy and selfishness like the person who ridicules someone for something that goes agains their self-interests. Those that bash recruits who choose other schools make all of us look bad. Any time you say, "I just can't imagine why they would go to X" or "I guess they don't want to win championships by going to X" you're just sounding like a immature blow hard. It may be hard for you to understand but there are other schools that have quality education and good football outside of tOSU.
    - On-line Tuff Guy: The guy who bullies others is incredibly annoying. Typically he'll overly criticize grammar or remind everyone that he's an alumni or some shit like that. When I read this I often think that he's trying to overcompensate for something.
    - Message Board Police: The guy who wants to police what is or is not allowed. A healthy amount of arrogance and insider information makes them feel like they can control and have power over others. It just comes off as shallow.

    What about you? What do you enjoy most, find humorous, and dislike about message boards?

  • One thing I love about Bucknuts is some of the OT conversation. For example, a few days back I started a thread about Medieval Films, which is truly an obscure topic, but I knew I would get plenty of replies. More so than the similar topic I posted about on IMDB two months ago.

    I will say that again: I got more replies in one DAY about Medieval Films on Bucknuts than I did in two months on a website devoted to film.

    That is amazing and it just goes to show how big Buckeye Nation is.

    BN is by far my most visited website, with Redszone, Rotten Tomatoes, and IMDB as the others.

    As for what I love about message boards (and hate about them), I think you pretty much summed it up.

    I hate it (though maybe secretly love it) when an opposing teams fan comes on and starts to talk shit. They either underestimate how big Bucknuts is or they just want a message board fight, but I love watching the witty comebacks and stat backers destroy trolls.

    Maybe I like message boards for the wrong reasons lol.

    I also love how message boards truly make people look like we are all pretty much a bunch of assholes when we hide behind a keyboard.

    One thing I find irritating and wish Bucknuts and 247 would get rid of is the whole stupid Downvote/Upvote thing. I

    I get annoyed when someone actually takes time to tell someone they "Upvoted" them, or gave them a "+1".

    Or when people apologize to someone for accidentally DV'ing them.

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  • elite44

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    Our quarterback does front flips, suck it.

  • shoeview,

    I appreciate want you had to share. I actually like the voting. It adds an interesting element to the posts. But I agree anytime someone is asking for upvotes or apologizing for giving a down-vote they should immediately be down-voted. You can't care to much about it or you come across as an insecure boob. Yes, I said "boob."

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  • Dirtnasty

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    Sarah sorry about the Herpes.

  • MattC509

    Can't stand the casuals and daily circle-jerks.

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    We may have lost the battle......but not the war.

  • Dirtnasty

  • Damnit! The thing i hate most is when I'm a half page into writing a post and I hit a $%#*$ button that refreshes my page.