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Michigan Recruiting 09, 10, 2011.....

  • Although I am far from done with the research and, right now, I am going on my general 'sense' and 'impressions', I have reviewed Michigan's recruiting classes in 2009, 2010, and 2011. These recruits would largely constitute the upper classman and the starter/depth situation right now with Michigan if the talent was there.

    What I found was a somewhat startling lack of star players (although these classes were fairly highly ranked with the exception of 2011 which was ranked, relatively speaking, low) uniformly amongst these recruits. Not always, but nothing like I was used to in the decades of times past.


    Taylor Lewan, Craig Roh, Michael Schofield, Fitz Toussant, and Jeremy Gallon are talented but not high end talented with the exception of maybe Lewan. That being said if Lewan was a 1st round draft pick he either got bad advice from the Michigan coaching staff (ala Petey of USC) or he would not have been a 1st rounder.
    Not a lot of high end talent there----good, just not high end.

    Jake Ryan, Jibreel Black, Devin Gardner were all starters last year and none of them were particularly high-end talents. Gardner has a year to prove otherwise—but he like Denard are not in the position where they might make an NFL team. (receiver) Indeed I’m not seeing anyone beating out Gardner, Schofield, Touissant or Gallon for starting spots this year.

    This appears to be, simply, a near wash out year for Michigan. Frank Clark maybe? Am I missing someone here?

    Hoch did a great job of recruiting in 2012, 2013, and he appears to be doing well this year too.
    That being said, by my estimation, the cubbard was not only bare but nearly bare at ALL POSITIONS on the team all the way down the two deep! The two deep is wide open for incoming recruits. Is this an easier recruiting situation to recruit from than most top schools?

    In comparison OSU has talent that could cause recruits to shy away from the competition (but didn't since we have had great recruiting classes the last two years and we are doing well in the 2014 class).

    2009 (may have or could have impacted the 2012 recruiting class but Urban knock a home run anyway)
    Marcus Hall (I project will get drafted), Reid Fragel (already drafted), Jack Mewhort, Corey Linsley, CJ Barnett, and Jordan Hall. All but Jordan Hall (who has to prove it this year) may well have NFL careers.

    Christian Bryant has owned a safety or star position nearly from his freshman year.
    Brad Roby will be a 1st round NFL selection.
    Andrew Norwell, I suspect, will make it into the NFL also.
    Carlos Hyde has morphed to high levels at the RB spot.
    Corey Brown has been our J Gallon of Michigan.

    Unlike Michigan’s 2011 some talent has emerged from this class.
    Doran Grant seems to be an up and coming cover corner talent.
    Ryan Shazier is an obvious talent at LB.
    Two tight ends have emerged in Nick Vannett and Huerman; Michael Bennett, if he can stay healthy looks promising, Chase Farris looks promising.

    And we have Braxton Miller. Enough said.

    The void of older talent from 2009 to 2011 for Michigan has created a vacuum that may make it much easier to recruit with the recruits knowing that they come in with little competition from those that may have come in from 2009 through 2011.

    The next question is which staff develops the incoming talent more than the other.

    I think we know that answer.

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  • We dont get to count guys like grant and farris on the plus side for us if you are going to not count guys like gardner and toussant for them. Gardner and toussant have made far greater contributions than grant and farris.

  • Michigan has always recruited well, their issues for quite a while has been a mediocre strength and conditioning program and lack of talent development. That still exists under Hoke.
    Two years is enough to identify a teams identity under a coach, they are still not a physical team and they lack fundamentals, not surprising when a career .550 coach takes over.
    Carr out recruited Tressel for quite a while, Tressel beat him in the trenches, with better in game plans and adjustments, and Dantonio's and Heacock's defenses.
    MSU will continue to beat UofM more than the past with Dantonio, he develops talent better and his teams are more physical. His defenses out physical UofM, who is more talented on paper.
    You lack a real leader as a head coach, you do not develop toughness, and you do not develop talent and have an elite S and C program that pushes kids, recruiting is just a step to translating success at the next level.
    Boise State exemplies that. Boise's coach is a great talent developer, his teams are physical and well coached fundamentally, and the skilled players they continue to get in the NFL lately over programs like Michigan exhibits what talent development and an elite S and C program means.