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NE Ohio sports fan rant

  • As a fan of all Ohio sports I'm having a very rough life. I feel like we get filled with false hope at the beginning of every season just be completely deflated by midseason, what we have endured during the two previous Indians season has just been completely gut wrenching! We race out to a great start to begin the season and gain a double digit lead for first place just to only see it evaporate by July and when the season ends we are in dead last freakin place. And although this season is still very early I'm not seeing anything to make me very optimistic.

    I was one who was willing to give the cavs all the time they needed to rebuild after losing the best player I have ever seen in my life! But what has gone on these past 3 years is just inexcusable, I don't care if you had Phil Jackson, Greg Popivich and Jerry Sloan on the coaching staff a team is not going to win with players like Ryan Hollins, Daniel Gibson, Donald Sloan, Alonzo Gee getting big minutes not to mention your best player in Kyrie Irving can't stay healthy. I was totally against the firing of Byron Scott because I feel he has handicapped with the roster limitations and in fact was doing what upper management really wanted by losing games for better draft position. Chris Grant should of been the one unemployed because he assembled that crap we were forced to watch every night and he has not made a great draft decision In during his time as GM (Irving is a good young player but if he can't give you 70-75 games a year because he is always hurt it is a moot point) Tristen Thompson kind of grew on my toward the end of this season but he still has a long ways to go, and Grant actually drafted a guy who didn't even start in college the two years he was there at number 4 overall.

    My favorite team in Cleveland are the browns which is sad because well their the browns. They give me no hope every year yet I have sky high expectations at the beginning of every season and with these new allegations going on with JH3 I'm just completely flat lined with them. The draft is in 4 days and I just hope one player we get can turn into a decent player because historically the browns have been one of the worst drafting teams in nfl history. Hell we are in the bottom five of the league in win/loss since we returned and when you fire the coaching staff every other year it's no secret why. I've just completely giving up hope of ever seeing a parade down Euclid avenue.

    But I do have hope for this upcoming season but its not in Cleveland, it's 3 hours down 71south in Columbus where my beloved buckeyes has a real chance to win it all this season. Although its hard to argue with Jim Tressel winning percentage overall, after the championship game losses then the lost to texas in the bowl game then the humiliation USC put on us i had lost all hope he could win a big game anymore. And although the wins over Oregon and Arkansas (it happened cause I watched it with my own eyes so record book be damned!) helped it made me want so much more from the coaching staff cause that damn tressel ball infuriated me cause I knew we could never win consistently against the better teams outside of the big ten with that offense. So when urban was hired it was like a jolt of energy was shot through me cause I know regardless of who the opponent is we can go head to head and come out favorably, even if we go down by a score or two ill still fill confident cause I know this offense has that capability to score quick and get us back in the game.

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  • Paragraphs, bro.

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  • The fundamental flaw that I see is you are emotionally invested in things that don't matter. Sports are ALWAYS going to let you down. So you have to realize that going into it. Don't invest yourself emotionally into a game. Its a game. It doesn't matter. Take a trip to Haiti sometime and watch mothers try to push their infant children into your arms begging you to take them away. That is real. Football? Baseball? Its not important.

    Just enjoy the game, man. When you find yourself getting upset over entertainment........its not entertaining anymore. Turn it off. Evaluate your priorities in life. Sports are cool. I enjoy them too. But any further and its simply not worth it. Getting pissed off at how a sports team performs is just a waste of your energy and time because sports don't matter past the point of it being entertaining.

    Once you get this fundamental truth into your way of thinking, you will enjoy sports once again because it will hold the correct amount of importance in your daily life.

    That is what I think. And this coming from a Bengals fan. Yeah. Try that for a year.

    "The only thing That Team Up North will be tasting this year is the salty tears of defeat" - UFM

  • Wonderful response.

  • Yeah, following sports is a wonderful diversion but with time we develop real priorities. I used to live and die with the Tribe and Browns but with kids ans grandkids...

  • You are so right man. We have lived thru 'The Drive', 'The Fumble' Remember Brian Sipe throwing the interception in the end zone? The Indians blowing game 7 in 1997. Jordan making his shot over Craig Ehlo. If it wasn't for the Buckeyes, we would have no claim to a championship team at all. That is why the whole crankin state lives and breathes Buckeye sports.