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Off topic question about debt collections

  • I do a lot of work for debtors. Got a name and address for the original creditor?

  • Just have fun with them!

    I remember when I was a freshman at OSU, I'd get calls about credit cards. Here's how the conversation went:

    Caller: Are you interested in our new American Express card? blah blah blah blah
    Me: I don't have a job, so I have no income, and I don't need it.
    Caller: You could still get one and blah blah blah blah
    Me: WAIT! I have money saved up from when I was a kid! I have a piggy bank! I could use that money, and get a credit card!
    Caller: ummmm, yeah, that would work.
    Me: I forgot, I spent it all.
    Caller: you could still get an American Express card.
    Me: you know what, I probably shouldn't do it.
    Caller: Can I send you some literature so you can read about the benefits of our card?
    Me: I can't read.
    Caller: You go to a prestigious university and can't read (obviously they knew I was a college student, but not what school I went to)
    Me: Nope. Can't read at all.
    Caller: Is there someone there that can read the literature to you?
    Me: Well, I do have three roommates, but none of them are able to read, either.
    Caller: Ummm, really? Do you mind if I ask what school you go to?
    Me: It's a school for the blind.
    Caller. Oh....well have a nice day

    My roommates were there laughing so hard during the whole conversation. I had one roommate that would pretend to speak Chinese whenever Discover would call him. He'd say "I try Discover card before. I Discover I no need one!" Then laugh hysterically. I'd try to change the topic, ask what the caller was wearing, ask them about their hobbies. It was always real entertaining. Maybe I just had too much free time in college...