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On Matta and the struggles of this year's team

  • I was taught by very successful managers the single most important evaluation criteria: the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Since Matta has won here at the highest levels in the B1G during his tenure at OSU with both supremely talented and lesser talented teams, the struggles with this team are probably not indicative that Matta has suddenly become a poor coach. As frustrating as this team's up and down performance has been, it is just a knee jerk reaction to conclude Matta is the problem.

    He is clearly struggling with how to push the buttons of this team. He deserves some of the blame for this team's inconsistency. He isn't getting paid several millions of dollars a year because he just rolls the ball out on the floor and says, "let's play ball, boys."

    He is known as a coach who is very attentive to details, a coach who develops players well from their entrance in the program until when they leave, a coach whose teams consistently a known for excellent defense, a coach whose teams consistently shoot a high field goal percentage, a coach who has a proven, winning system and a coach who motivates, largely, by positive reinforcement (at least in public). He is also a coach who seems to struggle with in game strategy management, especially when his teams encounter situations for which they were not prepared.

    In summary, there is a lot of people jumping off the Matta bandwagon, much too soon, in my opinion.

    If Matta bears part of the blame, what is his share and at whose feet do you lay the other parts of the "blame pie"?

  • Tough to say but i agree that it is a knee jerk reaction to start laying blame on Matta. His track record speaks for itself but you also have to have a team of guys that buys into what you are saying.

    I am more pissed at the players because of their lack of effort as well as their inability to be mentally "into games". how do they go from the way that played on the road at Sparty or at scUM then follow that up with the last 3 poor performances? This team is not playing "together" picking each other up or encouragement.

    I have read a few articles today with post game stuff.....Matta stated they had two good days of preparation and then they come out and do not do anything they talked about in practice for two days.

    DT quoted talking about guys not mentally being there and not knowing things.......

    Matta said he wants this team to take ownership. I agree. This is the turning point in their season.....they can go either way. Last year they lost 3 of their last 5 and the team came together and talked and made a committment to each other. I think this team needs to do the same thing. In the prevoius two years I think they guys on the team got along much better and they openly talked about actually liking to hang out together. You do not hear such things any more.....

    The coaching staff can only do so much.....the players need to commit to being mentally tough and prepared and accept the fact that they need to sell out on the defensive end of the court for 40 minutes , period. Their defense sets the tone for game and if their defensive game is on it feeds their confidence on offense.

    they need to pull it together.....NOW.

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  • My biggest gripes with the season thus far that Thad has at least a hand in....

    *1-7 vs ranked opponents

    *Host of players seemingly got worse since last season and the ones that did improve were ever so slightly

    *Offensive sets are getting worse as the season goes along

    *2013 class still doesn't have a big man

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  • Unfortunately, you can't make a recruit choose your school. All you can do is recruit your ass off and hopefully you win that recruit over.