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Perception is everything

  • Georgia is 1-1 against ranked opponents this season with one blow out loss to SC and they're ranked #3 in front of OSU and Oregon how? We're undefeated and beat more ranked teams and Oregon lost in over time people! I hate to start another SEC rant, because they're without a doubt the strongest conference in the nation, but damnit man, it's not the gauntlet the media would have you believe. Texas a&m is a middling team in the big12 for decades, and all the sudden they move to the SEC and they're world beaters? Maybe the conference just isn't as strong as were all spoon fed to believe. Rant over, time to dry these tears and go to bed. Go bucks!

  • No way GA should be ahead of OSU in the polls.

  • The SEC continually proves it in tough out of conference game, which is why their conference gets the benefit of the doubt.

    It would be easier to argue the SEC is overrated if the other conferences provided the evidence to support the argument. Unfortunately they are not. With the addition of Rutgers and Maryland, don't expect that to change.

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  • I have to disagree. What tough out of conference games? Alabama vs Mich is the only one other than Clemson vs a couple SEC teams. I was going to break down all of the OOC SEC games, but someone has already done this, so I'm going to cut and paste:

    Let's start with Florida.
    -beat Bowling Green 27-14.... who lost 37-0 to Va Tech.... and 27-15 to Toledo.
    -beat La Lafayette 27-20..... who lost 50-27 to Ark St.... lost 30-23 to North Texas... and 65-24 to Ok St (7-3)
    -beat Jacksonville ST 23-0..... who lost 51-21 to East Kentucky.

    -only out of conference games so far: Buffalo, Fla Atlantic, Ga Southern. Big f'n deal.

    -Beat Wofford 24-7.... who lost 17-9 to Ga Southern.
    -Beat ECU 48-10..... who lost 56-28 to Navy (7-4).... and lost 40-20 to UCF (8-3).
    -Beat UAB 49-6..... who lost 46-9 to Memphis (3-8).

    Vandy (7-4)
    -2-1 non conference
    -lost 23-13 to Northwestern (8-3)..... who beat Boston College 22-13.
    -beat terrible UMass 49-7.... who lost 52-14 to West Michigan (4-8)... and Northern Illinois 63-0.
    -beat Presbyterian 58-0.... who lost to Ga Tech 59-3 the week prior.

    Missouri (5-6)
    2-1 non conference.
    -beat SE Louisiana 62-0..... who lost 70-0 to Sam Houston St.... and 52-3 to UAB.
    -beat Arizona ST (6-5) 24-20
    -lost to Syracuse (6-5) 31-17
    -looks like no special SEC advantage here.

    Tennessee (4-7)
    -beat NC St 35-21. decent but not overly impressive win.
    -beat Ga St 51-13.... who lost 51-7 to Maine.
    -beat Troy (5-6) 55-48.... who lost by 7 points to Ark St, FAU, and LA-Lafayette.

    Kentucky (2-9)
    -2-2 out of conference
    -lost to Louisville 32-14
    -beat Kent St 47-14 (decent win)
    -lost to West Ky 32-31 (LOL)
    -beat Samford 34-3.... who lost 35-16 to Ga Southern.

    -beat Michigan 41-14.... who lost to Nebraska 23-9. (convincing win here)
    -beat West Ky 35-0 (big deal)
    -beat FAU 40-7.... who lost to La Monroe 35-14. (big deal)
    -beat Western Carolina 49-0..... who got their butts whipped by everyone.

    -beat North Tex 41-14.... who lost to LA-Monroe 42-16.
    -beat Wash 41-3.... who lost 52-17 to Arizona (7-4)
    -beat Idaho 63-14.... who lost to UNC 66-0.
    -beat Townsend 38-22.... who lost to Kent St 41-21.

    Texas A&M
    -beat SMU 48-3.... who lost 42-17 to UCF (8-3)
    -beat SC St 70-14.... who lost 56-0 to Arizona (7-4)
    -beat LA-Tech 59-57.... who lost to Utah St 48-41
    -beat Sam Houston St 47-28.... who lost 48-23 to Baylor (5-5)

    Miss St (8-3)
    -beat Jackson St 56-9..... who lost to Tenn St 38-12 (big deal)
    -beat troy 30-24 who lost by more points against LA-Laf, FAU, Ark St
    -beat South Bama 30-10.... who lost 31-7 vs NC St the week prior.
    -beat Mid Tenn 45-3 who lost to LA-Monroe 31-17.... but did beat Ga Tech 49-28.

    Ole Miss (5-6)
    -beat Central Ark 49-27 (who cares)
    -beat UTEP (3-8) 28-10 (big deal)
    -crushed by Texas 66-31, their worst drumming of the year (with Bama 33-14; TAMU 30-27; LSU 41-35; Ga 37-10)
    -beat Tulane (2-9) 39-0 who lost 45-10 to Tulsa.... lost 63-10 vs LA-Monroe.... and lost 41-13 to LA-Laf

    Arkansas (4-7)
    -beat Jacksonville St 47-24..... who lost to East Ky 51-21
    -lost to LA-Monroe 34-31.... who lost to Ark St 45-23
    -lost to Rutgers 35-26
    -beat Tulsa 19-15 (Only shows the SEC is superior to Conference USA. So what)

    Auburn (3-8)
    -lost to Clemson 26-19
    -beat LA-Monroe 31-28 in OT
    -beat New Mexico St 42-7 who lost to Utah St 41-7.... and to San Jose St 47-7.
    -beat Alabama A&M 51-7 who lost to Bama St 31-13.
    -these wins only shows the SEC is superior to the Sunbelt, SWAC, and WAC

    Outside of Bama's win over Michigan, the SEC's out of conference performance seemed like nothing special. It seemed quite average to be honest. They appeared to have beaten up on a lot of patsies, but didn't do so in a more convincing fashion.
    On one hand, for the main games, you have:
    - Missouri(5-6) beat a 6-5 Arizona 24-20
    - Tennessee(4-7) beat a 6-5 NcSt 35-21
    - Bama beat Michigan 41-14

    But on the other hand you have:
    - Missouri lost by 2 TDs to Syracuse (6-5)
    - Vandy (7-4) lost 23-13 to Northwestern (8-3). Northwestern beat Boston College(2-9) 22-13.
    - Kentucky lost to Western KY
    - Ole Miss lost to Texas 66-31
    - Arkansas lost to LA-Monroe 43-31
    - Arkansas lost to Rutgers 35-26
    - Auburn losing to Clemson

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  • Thank you for bringing facts to the discussion.

    The SEC is a good conference but the bias is real. If you never play anyone outside of your conference worth a damn and only beat each other and everyone is in the top 10 you look "strong."