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  • This is so true. The SEC speed comment is an absolute myth. There are a handful of teams that have recruited the elite of the elite over the last few years. Bama is one of those and a couple other SEC teams have that level of speed and talent but the conference as a whole does not. It is a myth.

    USC under Sneaky Pete had SEC speed. Oregon has SEC speed. OSU has SEC speed. Wait a minute, the bulk of their recruits don't come from the SEC region?

    Speed has nothing to do with a conference or a region. It has everything to do with the ability to recruit the best players in the Country. Many SEC teams recuit the Midwest hard and have starters on their rosters to reflect it. Living in the South does not make you faster. Having the best athletes on your team like Bama did this year...makes you fast. The SEC just has this insecurity complex and other teams chant the conference name to imply they are somehow affiliated with a winner. Yeah, Bama cares about your chant as they are stomping a mud hole in your ass to the tune of 50 to nothin'.

  • Zip, although I agree with you on a couple fronts you contradict yourself pretty bad in this one. You say people shouldn't bring up the Rose Bowl since it was 3-4 years ago but you mention a game against UF that took place 7 years ago. You also mention a game against USC from 5 years ago.

    Also, OSU did not get ran off of the field by 3 of those teams you mentioned. I will give you the UF game back in 2006 and the USC game in LA from 5 years ago, but that's it. You are watching way too much SportsCenter if you think we got ran off the field by LSU. OSU had a very good chance to win that game and led a large portion of it.

    What I will agree with is that OSU has some holes that a team like Bama this year did not (ie starting a former FB at MLB). At the same time, OSU has very good team speed and this team is not far from competing at the higest of levels. Maybe next year. You knock the safties but these safties were rated as some of the higest in the Country coming out of HS and had 40 times as good as the players on your elite teams examples. Certainly not every player pans out but I would say Barnett's problem is not speed related.

  • You do know he's from Alabama, right?

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  • bvdickerson

    beat me to it

  • +1!
    OSU lacking talent and speed under Tressel? Are you kidding me? Look at the facts. Look at the last 5 or six recruiting classes under Tressel. They were all top 10 or top 5 nationally!
    What we were missing was what Meyer fixed and that was a competent offensive coaching staff and scheme. We always had good talent on offense recruiting wise. Coaches like Bollman failed to develop them to their potential. ( in fact he ruined the talent). Meyers offseason training and strength/ conditioning has eliminated the sloppy beer bellies famous under Bollman. The scheme under Tressel was awful, and it would have been hard to win another BCS title because we lacked elite "speed" on the offensive and even to a lesser extent the D line. Meyer is in the process of fixing the glaring weakness under Tress.
    But give OSU and Tress credit. We under Tressel were the only non Sec team (save Texas Oklahoma, and USC ) that had the TALENT to compete with anyone. What we lacked recently have been game breakers like Ted Ginn at reciever. But I am confident Meyer and his great offensive coaching staff will find those pieces and do what the previous staff failed at: coach them up to their potential, and make the opponents Defensive coordinators finally be worried about OSUs offense with a creative and an excellent Offensive scheme!

  • You know Kambocan, it is what it is! After watching Alabama destroy ND, it was evident that they had speed and a lot more of it at all positions. Now, I go back for a moment to the Flordia 2006 41-14 thrashing of our beloved Buckeyes......going into that game speed was a factor commented on by many.....we had Ted Ginn and Troy and others who could play wiht Flordia and their speed...or did we? After Ginn goes out after the first play we looked like a bunch of guys running in wet cement wiht combat boots on compared to the Gators....Troy Smith looked like a plump robot that did not resemble anything we had seen all it SEC speed or what ever...speed is speed and wins......the 2002 Buckeyes had speed...the 1968 NC Buckeyes had speed....Meyer know that unless he is to match that "southern" speed, he will not be winning many NC's up here. His recent recurits are a start to go with Braxton Miller.