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To the Wisconsin Badgers...

  • I only agree with one person you named and its JIM TRESSEL 100%. Are we really going to blame 18 year old kids because they made bad choices and made mistakes and got caught? I have news for everyone, that is what KIDS do, they mess up, they make mistake's, and it happens to everyone not just a select few! The real blame in all of this is Jim Tressel for trying to cover everything up and lying directly to the NCAA when he should have just told the truth from the beginning! If he had told the truth from the beginning i am 100% certain we would be playing for the NC this year and i am getting sick of people trying to put the blame solely on 17 and 18 year old KIDS who made some bad choices when if the ADULTS would've just came forward and told the truth we would be playing for our 4th NC game in 12 years! TBH i am glad this all happened because we needed a new coach and we needed a new era of OSU football to compete for the NC game! Yes, Tress could beat Scum and yes he could win B1G championship but he couldn't beat the SEC(except Arkansas) and to win nowadays you have to go through the SEC and UFM is the man that can lead us to wins against the SEC! Tressel ball was getting old and to predictable and he was losing his touch in recruiting so like i said before i am glad it all happened and this year was great but just think what the future holds...its going to be fun boys so just sit back and enjoy the next 10 years of OSU football because it may not ever be this good again!

    Who's Zead..Zeads dead baby.