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  • I vote for Barker. Wanting to be a Buckeyes vs having to be courted and convinced means a lot. I much prefer guys who know for certain that OSU is for them. I am more excited about Thompson arriving soon as a future Safety than I will be if Bell eventually commits. I feel the same way about Barker and Watson. It is an honor to be a Buckeye! Barker seems to want that experience. Watson wants Clemson. Easy decision!

  • Meyer is not infallible. IMO he already blew it for 2013 by taking Barret so soon. Trubisky, OHIO's MR. FOOTBALL in top division, was the clear choice and will be the better PRO for sure (Barrett is not a pro qb prospect) and probably the better College QB. Trubisky might even win the Heisman. Barrett will be another running qb who will get credit for wins as a starter, while just running and handing off. He will also have a great defense to back him up. Kirk Herbstreit would be able to win 10 or 11 games with the talent Meyer is amassing. I think he is kicking against the goad by continuing to recruit running qb's and then act surprised, like with Braxton Miller, why they can't throw like a pocket passer. You CAN NOT have your cake and eat it too. At the very least you must recruit a Mitch Trubisky who is a brainy passer first, and can run well enough. I do not understand his fixation for trying to "flip" recruits either. I could understand it last year, because he is playing catchup. Watson has committed to Clemson. It is like chasing a bride down the church aisle. Let her go already...

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