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Wisconsin is so butt hurt and blaming the refs!!!

  • Wasn't this their 4th loss? All caused by the Refs right? its the old deal where someone can't admit thy got their butt-kicked by the better team with the Buckeyes not only proved to the Badgers but to the points guys in Las Vegas!

  • playmea

    I don't understand why people get surprised over this. It happens every week. We should expect it.

    You can tell there is no legitimacy to their complaints because they focus on holding. Blaming losses on missed holding calls is such a bitch move. Its weak when our fans do it. Its weak when other fans do it. First off, most people don't have a damn clue what constiutes a legit holding penalty. Second, holding does not usually impact game outcomes. Third, no-calls almost always go both ways.

    I was worried there might have been a legit complaint over not giving Wisky the 1st and goal. But in the replay, Matt Millen was wrong. In the replay Ball's helmet was on the line when he was stopped. Millen assumed that the football was in his right arm reached across. But it was in his left arm tucked under his shoulder, which was behind the line. So it was a good call. But it was moot. Because on 4th and 1, Ball fumbled anyway. Getting 4 more downs would not have changed that. Unless anyone thinks they wouldn't have ran Ball up the gut again on 1st and inches just like they did on 4th and 1.

    The argument that the B1G wants us to go undefeated that om teams are making is BS too. Why would he B1G be pushing for a team who can't contribute in the postseason? Thats just stupid.

    We didn't in pretty. In fact, we could have easily lost. But Wisconsin has nobody to blame but themselves.

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