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Worst Pro-Football Defeat Ever?

  • It was December 8th 1940, a clear and bueatiful late winter day in Washington DC. The Redskins were to play the Chicago Bears in the NFL Championship that day, and they were stoked to "get it on"! Redskin fans had settled in to watch the contest, and their team to again whip the Bears!

    Just a few weeks earlier, Washington, playing on their own field, beat the tough Chicago Bears, who were 6-2, at the time by a score of 7-3, in a game not as close as the score where the Redskins had basically "kicked butt and took names"...leaving the Bears coach complaining about the costest. The Redskins coach Marshall had called Halas and his players a "bunch crybabies and quiters" and had called Halas a " whiner". The tounge lashing did not set well wiht the tough George Halas.

    Halas was incensed, and took Marshal's words to galvanize his players, and in the next two weeks they scored 76 total points in two games to set up the showdown in the Championship game for the NFL Championship, to be played on December 8th 1940, also in Washington DC.

    The Bears, playing with a casue, and highly motivated, lead Washington 28 by halftime, and were asked not to kick any more x-tra points as the officials were "runnning out of footballs", as so many had been kicked into the stands....when it was over they had crushed the "mouthy" Redskins 73-0.
    Many have labeled this the worst beating taken or given by an NFL team in pro footbaall history!

    Lesson: choose your words carefully...ha ha.....for years many pro football fans have mention or said that this was the greatest "beating" ever administered physically and mentally in the history of the game!

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  • Looking up stats on games from that time is amusing.

    Washington threw EIGHT picks in the game.

    Chicago scored 11 TD's by 10 different players.. also 5 different players kicked the extra point.

    73 points scored.. a TOTAL of 119 yards passing.. (10 attempts)

    Only one player rushed for over 100 yards (68 was on one play)

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  • When I was entering this post, I could not help but thinking how I hate to see the Buckeyes wiht a 57 point gap on the Fla A & M rattlers.....sure we can do that, but........I hate to see us blow anything...I don't see a single thing to gain by playing this game....