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Alabama's secret to winning

  • I never said anything about super athletes. I never said anything about any athletes. I am just tired of you people with this over-signing excuse all the time.

    I don't know what is worse the over-signing or the they never play in the cold against us excuse. It's tiresome.

    Back in the days the B1G had the power with it's tradition, prestige, money, etc, etc. We had top talent and great teams. 1st let me say during those years teams weren't coming up from the south to play us. WE still had to go cross country to play in the backyard of USC and UCLA in the Rose Bowl. The B1G has been playing bowl games in Cali, UF, LA, AZ for many many years. So what's the problem now. Why all the excuses about having to play bowl games in opponents backyards, or playing in their weather. This is not new. We have been doing this for decades. The only thing that has changed is that the B1G are losing these games.

    Now on over-signing. just to let you know 95buckeye, It's wrong to do, there should be a strict rule/cap on this, but it's not. Every other conference goes over their limits (Not as much as the SeCk does), but that's not the case. Everyone does it, some more than others, but the B1G is the only conference that has a rule that if they do they need a written document/memo on the reason why. It's also frowned upon in the B1G. WHY???????????????????????????? 95 There is no governing body. The NCAA is not the sole system. NCAA sets the standards, rules of the game and on the field, and other things, but the conferences controls the rest. Then you have the BCS who controls the post games (just the BCS games)

    So in conclusion it doesn't matter. It's not going to change until there is 1 unified body controlling everyone's interest. So that's why I could care less about over-signing, and get tired of hearing the excuses on here about it. You can say it's wrong all you want until your are blue in the face, but SeCk, ACC, B1G12 does it, they are becoming better conferences than the B1G, and Jim Delaney doesn't care.

  • If this substance is being compared to HGH (and it was in that article) - then its pretty serious stuff. HGH produces immediate results in the person's energy level & ability to preform at his best level as well as gains in strength & is sorta like adding that racing fuel to a normal allows it to burn hotter allowing the car to become faster. The only thing i dont get about the article is why these kids only used it those few times & not on a more regular basis. I mean - if it were available why not utilize it more often. Why does this guy show up right before the biggest games?? HGH is not going to turn an average kid into a superstar - there has to be skills / talent already there but it would make a kid want to lift weights more often & he does gain speed / energy. is cheating. A lot more so then a kid who traded his own belongings for a tattoo

  • You got that shit right. +1 for you. It also takes alot of the guess work out of recruiting, which we all know is an inexact science.