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Clemson vs OSU? at Nashville?

  • man, your logic is so twisted, it's hysterical. no one said "all the great coaches come from the sec." you said urban meyer isn't an sec coach because he played at uc and coached at osu, nd, bgsu and utah. so i gave you a few names of other head coaches who started outside the sec but anyone who knows anything about football would label an "sec coach." and i'd bet that every one of urban meyer's big 10 peers would say he is, and none more vehemently than bielema, who bolted to the very conference he publicly lambasted, and dantonio. both whined that meyer was turning the big 10 into the sec, as if the big 10 is some kind of holier than thou shrine to glory days gone by. the guy won 2 national championships at florida, an sec school, one of two that kicked the living shit out of ohio state in the national championship game. you think urban meyer isn't an "sec coach"? you might want to talk to fans of other schools because they'll tell you differently.

    you don't have to embrace change. you can be naive or stubborn or try to ignore it or even run away from it screaming like a little girl if you want to but you aren't going to stop it. the sec is all about change. people don't rave about "big 10 speed" or "big 10 defense." the sec plays night games in november. what a novel f*cking idea! it took urban meyer, who you would say is not an "sec coach" to push that onto the big 10's agenda. the sec schools don't stop recruiting kids just because they commit somewhere else, even if it's to a rival school. hell, urban meyer flipped corey smith from dan mullen, one of his best friends. "gentleman jim" tressel would have never done that. the big 10 is a lot like you--feet planted firmly in the past, unwilling to adapt, and, as a result, slowly dying. so forgive me for wanting ohio state to copy the game plan that's working. urban doesn't seem to be apologizing.

    and what does my age have to do with the validity of my argument? you don't know squat about me, bub, and the more you think you know about me, the more wrong you are. you're just another crusty old fart unwilling to change with the times. and how is it okay for you to be disrespectful and insult me but i can't defend myself or return your nastiness in kind? sounds to me like you can dish it out but you can't take it. what makes you think you're not only my elder but also my better? because you've been watching college football for 40 years? i'll bet you fondly remember the days when tackles like lou groza were placekickers wearing flat-toed shoes. the game's passed you by. you're a dinosaur. don't forget to soak your dentures.

  • Totally agree Indy. Rutgers and Maryland are not going to keep these top recruits in state -why, because they suck. Minny and Illini haven't kept their top recruits at home for many, many years. What schools go in there and take their recruits- winning teams. OSU, Michigan, ND, SeCk schools, USC.

    On the flip side, I do believe it's coaching that can change the program. You get a winning coach, and he stays then he can start his dominance. But you have to have all the right tools, and that coach has to fight each year to keep his team up to elite level. EX: just look at Fitz. Imagine what he can do if he had a school that can go out and recruit top talent. That team would be awesome. NW has never been that top school and we give him a pass for that. But some of these other B1G teams do have the tools to be elite teams. The problem is the B1G holds them back. Other conferences go after programs on the rise, the B1G goes after used to be good schools, or never going to be good schools.

  • I don't have a problem at all playing in Nashville, I visited there a few years ago and had a good time, BUT now comes the real question I have: Why would tOSU want to play a game away from the horseshoe and split money when they could play the sisters of the poor in Columbus and get ALL the money from 105000 fans? I think every logical person know that nearly everything (if not everything) is all about money anyway.

  • With the expansions of all these conferences it is making less opportunity to play OOC games. To try to get some of the better football teams to commit to a one and one game going to be a bit more difficult while trying to continue to schedule in conference games to play everyone the next few years. To have OSU play a team from conferences that have more than 12 people in it is already difficult but when conferences expand 14, 16, and 20. One and One’s might be the only option for these type of schools. Some schools have their OOC games scheduled through 2017-2018 season. Thoughts?

  • Maybe I'm unaware but to my recollection the only player we've lost to Clemson in recent years was Tajh Boyd. And the main reason that happened was because TP was only Freshman/soon-to-be Sophomore whom Boyd thought he'd have to sit behind for a few years before being able to garner the reins.

    I wonder how often he thought about not coming here as he had to sit there for two years behind some lesser QBs.

  • I would relish ANY opportunity we may get to play Clemson in the near future. For nearly 35 years we've had the infamous Woody punch on Charlie Bauman hanging over us in that Gator Bowl loss.

    It's time we avenge that loss and soon!

  • I'm with you 100% on that one...time for blood. 100-0 would be just fine with me.

  • I live in Nashville and can only hope.

  • Update on this topic. Apparantly the B1G, SEC, ACC, and Big12 are discussing some kind of alliance to rotate schools through bowl games during bowl season. My take from this is Ohio State and Clemson, using as an example, would not be in a pre-season exhibition game but may meet in the Music City bowl.

    League officials have discussed a multisite, rotational bowl partnership of the SEC, Big 12, Big Ten and ACC to maximize matchups over six years, according to two sources with knowledge of those discussions.

    The Music City Bowl in Nashville, Belk Bowl in Charlotte and Alamo Bowl in San Antonio are among the sites being mentioned. Under the plan, one conference would appear annually and at least two other conferences would play in a rotation. The SEC, ACC and Big 12 would be logical annual hosts for those three respective bowls. The Big Ten's direct involvement is still uncertain, but one source said they've been mentioned as a potential fourth tie-in.

    The sources cautioned this concept has yet to reach the commissioner or bowl executive level for proposal because the BCS hasn't finalized its host-site format for the college football playoff. That is expected to happen in late April during a BCS meeting in Pasadena.

    The Southeastern Conference has a tie-in to the Cotton (Dallas), Chick-fil-A (Atlanta) and Capital One bowls, all of which are vying for a spot in the semifinal rotation. Bowls are crafting their formal proposals now.

    With bowl contracts expiring after next season and attendance dipping, the entire system is basically under review.

    Fiesta Bowl executive director Robert Shelton said he's heard of this specific four-conference concept “in a general sense” and is intrigued.

    “Everyone in the business is concerned with bowl fatigue, bowl coma,” Shelton said. “Not only teams, but also fans. I would say in general it makes a lot of sense. What we're all looking for is good matchups. I'm sure logistics putting that together are very complicated.”

    Football Bowl Association President Wright Waters said despite matchup challenges and schools facing problems selling their ticket allotment, 18 bowls still increased attendance last year.

    This revealed two possibilities, Waters said.

    “They either have compelling regional matchups or they have hungry teams,” Waters said.

  • i saw this on espn. my gut says they are two separate things. this "bowl alliance" would mean a better/fresher rotation of climates and competitors. there have been teams that have played in the same bowl in consecutive years and that repetitiveness gets stale for players, fans and the bowl's host community. instead of being exciting, it's deja vu all over again. for example, the big 10 is tied into too many florida bowls and has been exploring an alliance with the holiday bowl because a san diego bowl would offer a nice change of pace and climate.

    i honestly believe that, whether we like it or not (bearbuck), 1-and-done neutral site games are going to become more commonplace. maybe not annually but occasionally, i.e., one every 4-6 years.

  • GoBux I certainly could live with that.....once every 3 years in fact I would be ok with.

    But I would be very sad if we never got to see a major player visit the Shoe like the likes of Texas in 05', USC in 09', Miami in 10'....likewise those road games are a lot of fun as well....all are usually on the major t.v. networks too...

    If we lost that it would be a huge loss IMO. But a neutral site game once every few years to help with scheduling sounds fair to me.....I just wouldn't want it to completely replace those other great home and away opportunities.

    Looking forward to Virginia Tech and Cincinnati in 14', going to Va. Tech in 15', going to Norman in 16' and hosting the Sooners in 17' as well as going to Chapel Hill that same year...

    Those are going to be some fun, good times ahead of us.....