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Donnie Nickey; "worried about what the future holds”

  • Dude...

    I read the article.

    Look......I knew when I had my 1st and fortunately only...concussion.....that it was not a good thing. It was over 26 years ago....and although the information back then may not be what it is now.....a concussion was still a very bad thing. Doctors knew it was a bad thing. Coaches too. Yes...players as well. Whenever you get "your bell rung" and that same evening someone is assigned to you to insure you don't fall know that what you have experienced is not a good thing. Now it becomes a moment of choice for me.....because the doctor clearly explained to me that my chances of being concussed again became significantly higher.... are not going to convince me no matter what you bring to the table. I respect your opinion. But it is just another opinion. Same as mine or Lucky's.

    The bottom line is this. Choice. These professional athletes have a choice to make. A choice based on risk versus reward. Don't act and preach like they don't have a choice in the matter. Like Lucky said...none of these guys are quitting on the spot even though now they know that concussions are even more serious than what was once thought. Anytime your brain bleeds and then expands inside your's bad. Period. Whether it's now or 20+ years ago. Common sense tells you that. Anytime a doctor tells you that you may not wake up if you fall asleep after one...and then tells you the chances of it happening again has now me. Whether it's the present day or 20+ years know damn good and well it's serious and you could die from it! Please!!

    Are we chucking common sense out the window here?!!

    Stop fu_king acting like these players are helpless and don't have a choice in whether or not to play football.

    Players have always been getting bigger, faster and stronger. They will continue to do the same thing. As people evolve so does technology...but in the grand scheme of time is all relevant past and present.

    Football has always been and unless it's turned into something completely different...will always be a very violent game.

    These are nothing more than a large group of people who can't accept that they made a bad decision and now someone else is responsible and therefore must pay.

    It's a problem more indicative of where we are as a society...than it is with the game of football.

  • How about when its proven that the NFL had concussion knowledge and didn't disclose. How about when its proven that the NFL had access to better helmet technology but declined because it would have impacted the sounds of the collisions that is such a big part of the TV broadcasts?

    This is not all on the players here and is a much more complicated issue than what has been portrayed here.

  • Indy....

    I respect your concern...

    But fu_king please!!

    I had the knowledge over 20 years ago for crying out loud!!

    Look....I'm 44 fu_king years old.....and had 1 concussion over 26 some years ago. Playing football. The team trainer and doctors told me a great deal of info on this injury and what I needed to do for it. One of those things was that I couldn't go to sleep for a rather long period of time....until the swelling in my brain went away.....well that sounds pretty fuck_ing serious back then....even before the long term effects of multiple ones was made public.

    But look man....when you're clearly told that you are now at more risk getting them in the've pretty much been warned it's going to be or could be very serious!!

    I chose to keep playing same as lots of other players......and I as well as many of the guys I played with accepted that risk of our own free will.

    Again...common sense is being completely ignored here.

    Our bleeding heart and often times over-sympathetic society now believes and says to everyone and the world that someone other than the "victim" is now responsible and must pay for said "victim's" decision that in the end didn't quite turn out the way they thought it would.

  • and another thing.....

    We the public should be taxed extra dollars then....and help compensate the players then.....for we are the ones funding the gladiators we so much love to see hit each other on the field (coliseum if you will)....we crave the hits, the violence and the said sounds of those we sit in front of our televisions Saturday and Sunday after Saturday and Sunday......

    We buy the merchandise.

    We...absolutely and completely condone the behavior that has put these players in harms way.

    So we are every bit as responsible as is the NFL then.....because it's what we crave and it's what we demand.

    Like I said....even though I had a concussion playing the didn't stop me from continuing to play. Because it's what I wanted to do. Even if I had the talent to take it to the next level and get paid doing it.....even though I knew the chances of more concussions now having already had one was increased and even though I knew there might be the chance I may not wake up from're damn straight I would have played anyway!

  • Then you and your team mates are incapable of making rational decisions. At least that's the argument that'll be presented by PI litigators in court. They'll blow through that position like it's standing still. Doubt me? Didn't work very good for the tobacco industry did it? Seat belts? Hell, it's affecting my industry (construction) so much I'm ready to get out of it. More industries than not have been affected by product/personal/liability lawsuits, the NFL is NOT immune to prosecution, in fact it's ripe in this litigious society.

    The tough-guy position will matter not in court, and I have to tell you this is going to be where it plays out eventually. It will change the game. Maybe you don't care, but you wife might when she's cleaning up the shit in your pants (not picking on you, just insert any player if you wish). She'll have a PI litigator drooling to become her representative.

    And maybe you didn't care at the time but if you were wiping drool off your face a 50 you might change your tune...many in that position have and they're well represented.

    The position you present is shallow and won't stand up for 10 minutes in court, you have to take that perspective because it's the only one that matters at this point. I know you and g2bl take the personal responsibility position, and I agree especially when it comes to my industry so I can relate in a way, in fact I'm outraged at some of the changes they've put into law and it's how I make my living.

    The NFL is a multi billion dollar business, it has deep pockets, it's going to get hammered.

  • I was out the rest of the game and the next. I was out until I was cleared to play. It wasn't mandatory. It was a decision made by my parents after talking with my physician.

    But I still continued to play the game. I was not incapable of making a rational decision. That's bullshit!

    You can't compare this to smoking cause smoking has been proven to cause bad health to those exposed to it. Not the same with this subject.

    Indy....I'm not saying that the NFL is immune to it. I don't think Lucky is either. I'm just saying that well as seat belt laws and all the other red-tape laws we've created due to frivolous litigation...are pretty fuc_ing stupid!!

    I'm not talking about what will stand up in court either.

    I know the NFL is about to get hammered.

    The main point Lucky and I are making is that it shouldn't.

    But i don't see our positions as shallow.

    Americans are now pathetic, weak and un-appreciative money grubbing materialistic fu_ksticks!! Seriously!!!

    Yes that sounds harsh.....and I'm not 100% serious....but probably 45 to 50% serious!

    We are a soft nation now. Incapable of accepting, dealing with and handling any kind of adversity.

    If we can't get it now, someone's to blame. If something goes wrong, something or someone's to blame.

    It's rather sickening.

  • 10 years and this will all be gone. No more NFL and a bunch of rich ex playera

  • +1

    Yep. I don't disagree with you....

    If not gone....they'll be pulling flags out of each others belts.

  • Flags are too dangerous ... You could take an eye out with one of those things

  • In some respects we are totally soft...I'm older than you and see it even worse than you do.

    As far as blame goes in relation to product/liability/personal law suits goes, we've benefited from many products and services being better and safer as a result, we've also gone over the line too which makes me vomit.

    I have no feelings one way or the other with the NFL, I do feel if trauma can be avoided or at the least risk reduced though better helmet technology or some rule changes that don't really change the character of the game too much then I'm ok with it.

    Anyway, they did it in rugby and I'd challenge anyone here to tell those guys they are pussies.

  • Of course 20 years ago we thought concussions were bad, but it is doubtful that anyone figured they would have much of a negative impact beyond a couple days or weeks.

    This is about a choice to play football that has already been made. Past tense. The players who sustained many concussions over the years like Nickey are now starting to worry as they are seeing some of the warning signs of brain disease, irreparable damage. There is no way to travel back in time and make different choices based on knowledge, information, and experience. So yes, Nickey and thousands of others are, in fact, helpless so to speak. It's not me "acting" as if this were the case.

    But I would agree with you and Lucky insomuch that at least Nickey had the benefit of making an NFL salary over the years he played. Many others who may be permanently injured did not. As per my earlier post, Nickey was probably a guy who inflcited many a concussion on others at various levels of football from the time he started playing.

  • I hear ya Indy....

    I hear ya.

  • Money may end up being the driver...too many lawsuite may crush the NFL and it would create a domino effect to college etc. Unless, they can come up with some fix to the problem which is really much deeper than just is also all the other injuries as well.

  • Why they make the BIG Bucks! It's about entertainment and you tell me UFC is safer than Boxing?