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Has College Football's Popularity Peaked?

  • Lol. Yeah blame Obama.

    "man we got some fuckin weirdos on this site." - Davebucknut 9/5/13 post of the year

  • Lol. Yeah blame Obama.

    "man we got some fuckin weirdos on this site." - Davebucknut 9/5/13 post of the year

  • Dude, Obama is a joke and we have four more years of him.

  • Alabama getting a shot at LSU last year ruined it for a lot of people. I know ALOT of fans that are tired of this shit. It was unprecedented and uncalled for.

    I also think the SEC SEC SEC ESPN is preaching is turning non SEC fans away. Its gonna backfire on them and according to your is.

    People were also turned off by Auburn getting a pass when Cam Newtons dad pimped him openly around the SEC like a 180k dollar whore...Not even a slap on the wrist. Fans of teams that got bitchslapped by the NCAA for less...cough...OSU...cough...are pissed.

    It cost way too damn much to watch a game if you have to buy scalped tickets. I blame this on the Universities and the Ticket Agencies. In a tough economy people just don't have the dough to be putting up for a game. I live in Alabama and for me to go to a Buckeye game with my family and get 4 scalped tickets would cost us 1500+...screw that I'll go on a real vacation and get Indiana/Purdue tickets at face value and have better seats and spend about half.

    SEC SEC SEC...Alabama getting the nod last year against LSU...Sanctions for some and not others when deserved...The economy...and the overall behavior of the players/coaches/etc...look at PSU.

    Listening to Brent Musberger say Honeybadger 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times in a broadcast is enough to make you want to jump off a tall building.

    Talking about the SEC in unrelated games...WHY IN THE HELL TALK ABOUT THEM WHEN 2 BIG EATS OR ACC teams are playing.

    IMO they are ruining the game. There are many other factors but here are just a few off the top of my head.

  • Plus there are 120 DIV1A teams with thousands of fans in the stadiums. TV numbers are not everything. FCS,NAIA,JUCO,DIV2,and DIV3...your in the millions every Saturday to watch games...Hell Tenn,OSU,Mich,UCLA,Alabama,Florida,PSU,NEB,MSU,Wisconsin...that's a Million right there...The entire NFL might get 2 Million in their Stadiums a week...NCAA with all the DIV...4-5 times that.

  • college football has become too big and impersonal. coaches making outrageous salaries. schools cheating. computers picking the teams for the national championship. recruiting services where we know everything. technology that tells us everything. hundreds of millions in television revenue. it's too big for people to comprehend.

    i agree with iowabuck that we need a playoff to infuse new interest. and more than 4 teams. look at what the ncaa tournament does for college many casual fans get emotionally involved through that one and done process? office workers would have the same kind of polls. or the nfl, where so many people don't care until the playoffs, then throw or go to super bowl parties, which has become an unofficial national holiday.

    when 6-6 gets you into a bowl game, what are you really playing for? when only 2 or even 4 teams have a shot at a national championship, where's the reward for a 11-2 season like texas a&m had? they were one of the hottest teams in the country by season's end, blew out oklahoma 41-13.

    where's the quest for holy grail that makes the regular season at least more interesting, if not more fun?

  • Yeah, teabaggers are great....Lets all get our 100 round clips, arm our schools, start a couple wars, talk about uteruses, cut taxes, refuse to pay our debts and bankrupt the country...brillant!! True patriots indeed.

    "man we got some fuckin weirdos on this site." - Davebucknut 9/5/13 post of the year

  • In all honesty.....our last 4 presidents have been a joke!!

    George Bush = joke
    Bill Clinton = joke
    Baby George = joke
    Obama = ? not sure what to even say about it yet!!

    Our country sadly is a joke.....

    Fat, lazy, spoiled and entitled and above all else......fu-king greedy as all hell!

    I mean this is a country that sues a sandwich shop because their supposed foot long sub isn't actually 12" long! What a probably don't need that extra inch or so fat ass!!

    And any judge, courtroom and or jury that would let this bullshit fly is an even bigger joke!

    There....hows that for cynicism?

  • Won't get any argument from me

  • Agree totally!!

  • +1

    In 1992 I voted for Ross Perot and people laughed.....but I don't care.

    Anytime you basically have only 2 choices for least 2 that realistically are the only ones that have a chance...that is a bad thing.

    George Bush pushed for NAFTA.....and when Clinton came to office he finished the job and pushed it through. Two different parties....but both only concerned with one single thing. LINING THEIR POCKET BOOKS AS WELL AS THEIR SELF INTEREST BUDDIES/PARTNERS !!!

    Ross Perot although maybe wouldn't have been a great least from a business and economic standpoint new what he was talking about.....especially with the complete loss of jobs!! He was right.

    We are all suckers.....

    Obama shouldn't get any more criticism than the puppet president that was in office before him!! Talk about incompetent. I seriously believe Chaney and Rumsfeld were the actual "presidents" truth be told....they made the decisions and called the shots!

    I was in complete support of our actions against Afghanistan after 911. But going into Iraq was a huge huge mistake and truthfully didn't make any sense. Not to mention that no matter how evil Saddam Hussein was....he did serve 1 important purpose: He kept Iran in check. Plain and simple. Now because of our stupid actions....Iraq is a total mess.....and Iran is on the rise! Oh well....

    Obviously I have severe frustrations with the failures of our political system and the 'weak' society we have become....this is a topic for the hot spot so I'll leave it at that.

    Back to football.

  • I apologize for getting off topic, but sometimes I can only hold my tongue so long.

    Our political system is one of constant campaigning; always worrying about the next election and who one can derive money from. Liberals? Still union driven. Conservatives? They sign pledges to PACs instead of the United States.

    I share your frustrations Bear.

    For the important stuff, as you know I perfer a playoff!

    "man we got some fuckin weirdos on this site." - Davebucknut 9/5/13 post of the year

  • There were plenty of empty seats in the horseshoe last season and there will be at least a couple more next year.

    After learning today that TOSU is jacking up prices, I am not going to purchase any advanced tickets through the Alumni Association lottery. I've drawn horrible games for several years running - UAB, Akron, Marshall - were my last 3. Any of these games I could have bought a ticket at less than face value. On principle, I refuse to pay an increased price to what has become one of the world's greediest institutions and take the risk of getting stuck with tickets for Buffalo or FAMU, or any other number of crappy games.

    The UAB crowd last year was flat, uninspired, sitting on their hands. It was 100 degrees against Akron the year before. Marshall was not a good game or worthy opponent either, but at least it was a night game that helped a little with the crowd.

    Why in the world does TOSU think that they can jack up prices while the schedule gets even more pathetic? These people are absolutely out of their minds and blinded by greed. If their goal was to shrink the potential number of consumers, they are achieving it.

    I'm planning to travel to Chicago next year (with some of my college friends) to see the game at Northwestern. I'm sure there will be ample tickets available at a reasonable price.

    The City of Columbus and its businesses are going to be the big loser in all of this.

  • OSU football is the ONLY reason I still watch CFB at all. It's so deep in my blood it would be almost impossible to stop following. It has to do with more than football, having grown up in the area and having attended OSU.

    Bowl fatigue, selling out traditions, carving up conferences for cash, gaming the system for wins, female play by play announcers, giant screens and piped in music (instead of marching band) between plays, rapacious ticket prices, the thugs they recruit these days....these are a few of the things that make it difficult to care any more about major college football. It used to mean something but not so much anymore. All about money. Forget about college. Even Elway finished his senior year. Today the so-so players think about leaving early.

    Will be skiing on super bowl day, which has become a tradition. Lift lines are nonexistent that day. Super bowl parties are for losers. Nobody watches the game anyway.

  • +1 ways you've taken the words right out of my mouth.

    Money and commercialism have destroyed this once historical and traditional game we used to love....and it has been in decline for some time now.

    I'm just glad I was able to enjoy it when it was at it's peak.

    I'd have to say even the fans have become almost unbearable in their expectations and as mentioned earlier......the NC has completely and totally ruined and obscured what this sport was all about. Too many unrealistic expectations and then complete disappointment when those expectations fall the point of outright negativity and vitriol!

    I've said it before and I'll say it the end winning the NC is not as meaningful as the road you've traveled to get there. Too many people don't understand that.