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How do coaches really feel about the BCS?


    Interesting article and video. I definitely understand Fishers frustration with the whole damn BCS bull$hit. While I agree....I'd prefer the old way over this BCS horsecrap.....I disagree with him on the coaches poll being better because many coaches don't have time to watch teams other than those they prepare to play.

    I would love to have it return to the old way.....have less bowls and have the polls decide who the NC is. I'd like to see them combine the AP, Harris and Coaches polls and take the average of those to determine who the NC is.

    Go back to the old bowl tie-ins, reduce some of those ridiculous bowls where mediocre teams get invited i.e. 6-6 teams should not go bowling.....make college football special again like it once was.

    It's being ruined....has been getting ruined.....and a playoff would just further confuse the situation and really would not solve a damn thing. JMO though. I know some like it the way it is and some want to complicate it even further.

    I'm just glad I was able to enjoy a lot of great days of football pre-BCS era.

  • The one good thing about the Alliance Bowl era is the fact that there was no singular dominant conference. Some years it'd be the Big East, others an Independent such as FSU, Miami, Penn State or Notre Dame. The $EC would get theirs ever so often and same with the Big 8.

    However the B1G was usually at a disadvantage due to the tie in with the Rose Bowl. The previous system seemed to favor those playing in either the Sugar, Orange or Fiesta Bowls which again, we wouldn't play in if ranked in the top 2.

    The bowl games were over no later than January 3rd, including the de facto title game. Now with over 30 bowl games, bowl season lasts for nearly a full month. A month in which we have to sit through a slew of 7-5 and 6-6 teams in order for them and just about any other mediocre or subpar team to feel special. That remember was one of the chief arguments that college presidents and A.D.'s used for why they were anti playoffs.

  • Me too...put me down as one who has never supported the BCS or playoff format because I felt it would raise just as many issues as it did put to rest others. Now this is just the beginning, after 4 years I'd like to see if the system has as much support from those who've been clamoring for this.

  • People don't think a playoff would ruin college football......

    Looking at last years basketball schedule.....we beat #8 Florida, #4 Duke, lost to #13 Kansas and it had absolutely no bearing at all. Those games meant absolutely nothing...they didn't help us get in the tournament and playing those teams did nothing to improve us for doing well in the tournament.

    Now if you take college lose 1 of those games and your chances of making it back are slim to none....which I personally love. It's much more challenging to me and makes each and every game that much more important....and if you remain undefeated each and every game becomes more intense even when playing lessor teams simply because of the pressure to stay unbeaten.

    I don't know why people love to celebrate mediocrity....and make statements like losing a game shouldn't lessen your chances of winning championships.....well when there are other teams that are unbeaten....yes it should!

    That's why the pre-BCS was so much better than now....sometimes you had 1 loss national champions...and many times they had a perfect season and went undefeated.

  • The actual coaches aren't filling those out. Its often left to graduate assistants, coaches kids, friends, drunken nieghbor. There is very little oversight in who fills those coaches polls out even though it determines the distrubution of millions of dollars. Kind of stupid when you think of it.

    "The only thing That Team Up North will be tasting this year is the salty tears of defeat" - UFM

  • Unfortunately there isn't a good way to have the polls work. It would be almost impossible to find a voting committee who would watch every game and be made up of people who have zero program bias. That's why we have to have some version of a playoff.

  • I think if they have this new committee that comes out and ranks the top 4 for the playoffs would be OK for me. But maybe they should have regions. Have 2-3 guys per region in this committee. So all parts of the the nation would be counted for. They they can all then watch their own region and then all get together and put the rankings into place.

  • I agree 100% in principal, however, I'd like to see the 4-team playoff a couple of years before condemning it out of hand. And I'm sure you realize two things; you are in a minority and we'll never go back.

    Division 1 college football is about making money. Everything else follows from that.

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  • And reason #1 why this is getting irritating. Like I said, it's becoming a poorly played imitation of the NFL which lost me years ago.

  • I couldn't agree more.....

    It is also the very reason I'm losing interest each and every year. I don't think we'll ever go back..but I don't think I'm necessarily in the minority. I think there are many out there who feel the same way.....definitely a good number that I talk to anyway.

    I'm old but I'm not that my 40's ..... it seems like it's the politically correct thing to say these days...."oh we need a playoff, gotta have a playoff .... blah blah blah playoff" and I'm talking about people I know...who don't even watch much college football at least nowhere near the amount that I have and I do...saying that.

    To me...that's just ridiculous. But media plays a big part of that and media has a huge influence on how people think....or rather....let someone else do the thinking for them.

    Did you know or do you know the story about why the Miami Red Hawks are no longer the Miami Redskins? Most people don't ....yet many jumped on the bandwagon of political correctness all because 1 single person...who wasn't even native american.....said that it was offensive and filed the suit. 1 single person started all of that. Most of the people jumped right on board without even knowing how it all began and it became a pseudo witch hunt.

    That's extreme yes....but is an example of how ridiculous we become about things that in the end mean absolutely national championships.