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If we don't win it all, I bet I know why

  • I feel like we've got a great chance to go undefeated again.
    * Favorable schedule
    * Almost the whole offense back, including 4 of 5 from a pretty tough OL, all our WRs & RBs, a Heisman in waiting at QB
    * A great staff
    * Hungry for the post-season
    * Hungry for respect

    But the one thing that worries me is our front 7.
    * Only 1 returning starter.

    I think that leadership is really important when you're trying to win a NC. Urban sure seems to talk about it a lot - last year as he gushed over Boren & Simon, deservedly so....and he would challenge Brax on his leadership. He's already talking about how we need to find out who this year's leaders will be.

    I also remember that 2002 squad, and the kind of senior leadership we had on that team...

    OK, I'm very excited about who we have coming back. Shazier will be a killer out there. But that Mike position looms large. We saw how a 5-star in his 2nd year, Curtis Grant, couldn't quite "get it", nor could anyone else on the squad - so much so that we had to move our 3-year starting FB over in mid-season. Now apparently it's between him and Camren Williams for MLB. This is obviously a very important position - kind of the QB of the defense. At the SAM, Josh Perry must be the de facto starter and he was at least serviceable last year, so I assume he'll play at a high level next year. The two frosh --> I think they're both too small to play Mike or Sam immediately this year (although putting on 10 pounds of muscle between now & September maybe isn't out of the question for a stud 18 year old), and Mike may also be too tough mentally. But I do have really high hopes for them for the following year.

    DLine - I'm pumped for Adolphus - he should be much more comfortable with the inside position. Mike Bennett - hopefully he'll be healthy and be a real beast who can play inside or outside. Hale & Schutt should be solid. Noah Spence should be pretty good. Pittman should be good. Steve Miller Band & JT Moore - it's now or never, and they do look good getting off of the bus at least. And - it's easy to believe that there's a player or 2 or 3 in this year's crop of frosh who can contribute this year. Oh yeah, and Carter might be OK, but I'm not holding my breath.

    The problem is that we just lost 4 starters and we really need like 8 or 9 to have a nice rotation. The guys we have coming back have shown that they can play, but only when they had the benefit of NFL caliber guys like Big Hank & Simon eating up double teams and garnering all the attention. Now we need Adolphus & Noah & Mike B show that they can take those double teams. And we need another 4 - 5 guys to back fill the 2-deep so that we have a relentless rotation of disruptive studs.

    I'm hopeful for our front 7, it's just that we have a long way to go. If anyone can transform us, our staff can.


  • GF5

    -didn't get passed the bullet points
    -have ADD
    -too long to finish
    -looked like a good story brah
    -chop some of that up for comments after "thoughts"

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    I dream of a day when chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned.

  • my opinion is...the D may be a lil shaky the 1st game or 2 BUT they will pull it together & shut down the other guys as usual...too much talent to really be worried. i seriously dont see anything preventing a 13-0 going into the BCS game. Thats the game that has me worried. I dont know that tOSU is ready for the Bama or even LSU yet. They will be from 14' forward but it all depends on how much progress Braxton has made really. I dont envision a 1 dimensional offense like 12' became - hopefully it is the multi headed monster it can be

  • you make some great points, I agree with the lack of leadership although there are quite a few returning juniors that could easily step it up. As a homer I'd like to pound my chest and claim 50 point victories in every game but in reality we're returning an offense that barely mustered enough points to beat Wisconsin, Purdue and Michigan. We still have no consistent WR play and Braxton still hasn't established that he can light up a secondary. Now we lose almost the entire front 7 on defense that dominated and barely let Michigan and Wisconsin beyond the 50 in the second half.

    I am very excited about this upcoming season, but can Braxton make defensive coordinators have to drop their safeties and linebackers back so they cant crowd the line, can the speedy freshmen receivers come in and run proper routes, and can these freshmen and sophmores on the defensive side of the ball learn the defensive scheme and play well. Alot of questions marks going into next year, to me this team is a year away but luckily for development it has a weak OOS that should help them valuable reps before the big ten starts.

  • i think with shazier being another year older with the ability to control himself now, along with washington and spence who were both essentially starting last year we'll be ok. tommy schutt played a ton of meaninful minutes along with joel hale. my only true concern is who steps up as middle linebacker. i think josh perry will step up and be opposite of shazier. i think the middle man will be either cam williams or mike mitchell with cam getting the first and best opportunity since it's his second season in the program. i for one have written grant off and anything he can potentialy provide i will look at as bonus. maybe that's unfair but he has done absolutely nothing in his 2 year career to make me believe it will suddenly click for him. hope im wrong though

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  • The LB's will have to be better, no matter what. The DL will maybe have a learning curve, but a lot of talent and some experience is present. Even though Boren was much better than snail Klein, he was no burner (5.0 40). I do believe the defense will be better overall than last year by the time league games start.
    Recognition of the best player for position and the ability to remove the prima Donna bump them down non tackle may be the bigger factor. Coaches acceptance of poor play week after week is a factor. The coaching needs to step up more than the worry of whether we have experience. Unless the freshmen safeties get a chance, I am more concerned with the out of position non tacklers that will probably start unless they are hurt before the season starts.
    The LB and secondary coaches are good recruiters, but their on field game results need huge improvements. Look at the improvement on the OL with a great coaching change. We may even be able to recruit top OL now that the Bollman stigma is past.

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  • While the schedule is's still going to be a difficult task to repeat.

    With Penn State and Wisconsin both coming to the Shoe.......and no Nebraska for a is more favorable. Going to the big Outhouse though will always make things interesting.

    Like many have posted will largely depend on our defense coming together.