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I'm tired of talking about it too but...

  • These Paterno's are in full attack mode right now. Jay must be planning on spending the entire day at ESPiN. He was on Mike and Mike earlier. And I guess he's going onto Cowherd soon here too.

    I missed the M&M interview, but I'm gonna have to listen to Cowherd I guess.

  • Jay Paterno sucks. Too bad he doesn't have anyone's coattails to ride anymore.

  • He was on "First Take" as well.

    And regardless of what most of you on here think, he does have a legit case against the NCAA if in fact he decides to pursue it.

  • I'm sorry but this crap, he told his superiors. He should have told anyone who would listen. Go to the police, especially if you see the guy(Sandusky)still around kids and your program. Sorry but in my opinion, he is just as guilty and his family can cry foul all they want.


  • I can only imagine how embarassing this must be to the new coach who is doing a fine job and only wants this mess to be forgot and move on and instead the Paterno family keeps beating a dead horse and stepping deeper and deeper into the $hit.deadhorse

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  • incorrect 63, incorrect again .

  • Nobody cares nor believes them with the exception of the Happy Valley cult members. It's really quite irrelevant and will die down quickly.

  • What you and I both understand here is that Joe Paterno was the bad guy from the beginning.

    He's the main culprit to most people because he's the monument of the program.

    That's typically what happens. They go after someone going after the "deep/big" pockets in frivolous lawsuits.

    1. There is no question due to the severity of the case that anyone would want and wish for someone to do more.

    2, I get that and understand that response is a reaction from emotions regarding the severity of these crimes.

    The general approach in american society is go after what's considered the big, ugly monster, torch it and everything's fine and dandy. Joe Paterno is gone, Penn State has been obliterated and the problem has been resolved.


    What most people just flat out over-look and don't seem to understand is just exactly how much can be done in regards to hearsay testimony in the 1st place.

    It's why courts don't allow it as admissible. Because all to often it can be nothing more than someone being vengeful or just as bad wrongfully accusing without sufficient evidence.

    Does anyone here seriously believe.....that if your employee approached you and told you that he saw John Doe who's also working for you (or worked for you) committing a crime similar to Sandusky......and he wanted you to know so you could do something about it......what would your approach be?

    I can guarantee you that if you do take the appropriate action which I certainly hope we all would......what actually gets done and what we all feel should get done quickly.....we'd all be a little disappointed.

    It's an awful situation to be in. You could be damned if you do especially if that employee was lying to you or didn't see what he thought he saw.....and you most certainly can be damned if you don't as we are all too well aware of here.

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  • It's an awful situation to be in.

    I remember a case from way way the 90's where I worked with out detectives on a child abuse case. It was bar none the hardest investigation I was ever a part of because there was such an incredible amount of red tape involved because the figure was a pretty prominent one in the community.

    The detectives were as frustrated as I was.....and it all got started exactly how McQuery went about this with the Penn State deal. Someone came forward that witnessed the crime.

    It seemed like an eternity to be completed and for us to finally get that scumbag behind bars....and while that took place who knows what he was doing during that time.

    There's so much more to these things than what the general public understands. We always want instant gratification....especially with sensitive things like this.....we want justice and we want it now....

    In this case rightfully so......

    I just can't take a stance either way yet....because there's simply to much information and detail that's simply not there.

    Even reading Paterno's grand jury deals with information he received from someone else. If Paterno and McQuery turned over the information to the proper people.....there's really nothing more they could have done.

    Had McQuery gone straight to the police with this information? In our still would have taken what would be to all of us an unreasonable amount of time to put Sandusky behind bars where he belongs.

    What often should be a black and white case to be quite honest isn't handled that way no matter what you do, who you report it to and how it is handled!

    That is wrong. I don't agree with it.

    But I can't honestly say that Joe Paterno didn't do all he could do.......

    And I couldn't say honestly that he did do all he could do either......

    There's a chain of information that's still not clear. I think we'll know a lot more when those other 3 guys being charged go to trial.

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  • No, Jerry Sandusky was the bad guy from the beginning

    Joe Paterno was not a culprit. He was however, an accessory to the coverup. He was the most powerful man at Penn State and was responsible for all aspects of his football program. He was and should be held to a higher standard then the grad assistant McQuery.

    There were discussions held between Spanier, Curley and Schultz and the decision was made to report the McQuery incident to the proper authorities. According to emails, Curley came back and said basically Paterno did not want to report the incident and the matter was dropped.

    For a decade, Paterno realizing he had a pedophile associated with his program, allowed him to have access to Penn State facilities. Have a office on the same floor as other Penn State coaches. Witness as Sandusky brought young boys to away games and bowl trips and did nothing to stop it.

    Remember, Joe Paterno, when the members of the BOD went to his house with the intent to fire him around 2000, told them to go fuck themselves and they went back to their offices with their tails betwen their legs and Paterno kept his job.

    Joe Paterno hired the Athletic Director which oversees the football program, including the Head Coach.

    Nothing went on a Penn State Joe Paterno didn't know about. He knew about the investigations into the behavior of Sandusky and did nothin to stop it. He was protecting Penn State Inc.

  • I must have missed this information.

    I completely agree about your statement regarding Sandusky.....

    But if what you are saying is true...and Paterno told them not to report the incident.....then Joe Paterno is just as much a bad guy as Sandusky.

    Because Sandusky is sick.....the bastard can't/couldn't help himself and would lie and weasel to get away with as much as he could....

    Paterno on the other hand would IMO be even more a monster....and evil....because I believe that doing nothing about evil is as bad and even worse than the ones committing the act!

    I did not know it was Joe Paterno who said to drop the matter.

    I truthfully was not aware of that information.