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Jaworski; "I'm not a Saban guy, because I don't like liars"

  • There are many great opinions/viewpoints on this subject.....seems everyone has a valid observation.

    I don't particularly care for Nick Saban. I don't know him....or know what kind of person he is in a private life setting.

    But I do know that he's not holding a gun to these kids heads and making them commit to Alabama. These kids are deciding to go there on their own...knowing full well that there might be 3 or more fellow players in line to get onto the field.

    Yet they still sign. The only logical reason they do is the fact that this man is one hell of a coach. They know they'll become better football players if they can get on the field in Alabama.

    If over-signing is that big of a deal, why then doesn't the NCAA start enforcing and penalizing those who do it?

  • Great points!

  • Good questions and by the same token we can ask why did Trey DePriest ultimately choose Alabama over us? What was it about the atmosphere down there that was more appealing because after all we too had one hell of a coach as well.

    Overall the climate is better down in Tuscaloosa though they too have experienced recent bouts with snow and colder than usual temps, however what would be more appealing to those recruits not from that state to want to go down there and play even in spite of the fact that they know they'll likely never see the field?

    We win up here as well. In fact our winning percentage and overall record over the past decade far eclipses theirs. The chief difference between here and there are the national titles--and make no mistake about it, those are major differences at this point. But I guess I just question what would make anyone not from there want to go and attend school and attend the formative years of their lives in Tuscaloosa of all places? There's definitely more to it than Saban being a "helluva coach" and that program being an NFL pipeline.

    U$C you could understand to an extent considering it's L.A. and all the access that provides. I could even see how a recruit could get duped into playing in Gainesville considering it's Florida--the tax situation, the weather and the perception of glitz and glamor. But again, Tuscaloosa? C'mon!

  • Razorback

    This is the million dollar question.

    It wouldn't even bother me if it was allowed across the board, because then everyone could do it. But right now, they can't. The NCAA has taken the coward's path and left it up to the conferences to create their own rules on what is allowed with regard to signing limits, and the conferences differ greatly on what is allowed and what isn't. This allows teams who are members of conferences who allow oversigning to have a potential competitive advantage on the field over teams who do not. If the NCAA wants it to be like the pros where players can get cut for not performing up to the standards the coach has set for that kid, then they need to enact that. But IMO, I think oversigning should be eliminated completely. These are not professional athletes. They are student athletes, and at least some of them want to go to school and learn so they will have futures outside of sports, and IMO, as long as they are offered a scholarship and show up for practice, and do what the coaches ask them to do, then they should not have to be concerned about being forced onto a medical hardship scholarship, etc. in the event the coach doesn't feel like they will be the contributor that they were expected to be.

    The NCAA needs to be a leader and set rules that apply to every NCAA FBS team with regard to signing limits, just as they do with other aspects of recruiting.

  • The other question we must ask is why else would he leave MSU for LSU. LSU at that time was not a prime job outside of it being in a recruiting hotbed. One that at the time Miami, FSU and even B1G schools were mining for talent.

    No championships or Heisman winners since the '50s and no indication that it was even a program on the rise.

    He clearly saw something there--the potential and a higher ceiling than the one in East Lansing. What was the rush because he had to have known that an even better job would've become available some time down the road--perhaps over the course of the next few months or year. And I've gone on record here to say that had he waited just one year later that perhaps it would've been him and not Tressel who would've become head coach here in January of 2001. But who knows even with that because Saban didn't become a coaching legend until he won big in the $EC.

    Just a thought though.

  • Kids want to play for a winner, no more complicated than that.

  • Well, they are the same EXACT rules as everyone else; they are the NCAA's rules.

    How many people can he keep on scholarship? Oh yes, the same amount as everyone else.

    I also remember him coming to Ohio and taking Trey DePriest from of OSU, or was he an oversign?

    How many of these oversigns qualify academically? How much turn over does he have yearly?

    Does his conference, the hardest conference in the country, use the same rules? Does he win that conference?

    And by the way Monet, he's already won three NCs; does coaching have nothing to do with that?

    I think you need your bigger brush because your generalites and presumptions are, well, pretty ignorant, as is your post, sweetie pie.

    "man we got some fuckin weirdos on this site." - Davebucknut 9/5/13 post of the year

  • You hit it on the head with it being a recruiting hotbed.

    MSU is not an elite program; its a very good one, but not elite. LSU was and is because of access to southern recruits.

    "man we got some fuckin weirdos on this site." - Davebucknut 9/5/13 post of the year

  • As long as he beats the " fishes" real bad and exposes them for the mediocure team they really are, who cares. I just hope theyndomnot have Catholic officials to try to keep them in the game like several games during the season. Go tide, (just this bowl game)

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