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  • Days later and its still funny. Ran across this on the pay board. Didn't know if it had been posted here or not. This is what appears to be a blog of a Michigan fan who has done some serious soul searching and come to grips with what we already knew to be true. The germans have a word that describes this feeling well. Its called Schadenfreude. (pronounced Sha-den-froid-ah). Basically means to take pleasure in the misery or misfortune of someone else.

    Here it is.

    That Was Michigan...Unfortunately This IS Michigan

    For God's Sake

    I’ve got a lot to say this week, and a lot of this isn’t very nice. If you’re the type that you’re a trained seal and you’re going to clap for whatever is trotted out there as long as it’s wearing maize and blue, you’ll want to click off this site before you go any further. If Brady Hoke and Lloyd Carr could do no wrong in your eyes, you’ll hate this. You’ll say I’m not a real fan. You’ll say I’m fair weather. You’ll say a lot of things and I really don’t give a damn. The truth hurts...and it hurts me and hits me awfully hard.

    After Rich Rod, I promised myself I’d enjoy every victory and not take anything for granted. That’s over. I’m a Michigan Man and my standards have not dropped just because the football team doesn’t hold itself to the same standards any more. My standards have not changed because we have had a string of Athletic Directors that value the dollar more than the victory.

    This is Michigan?

    You know. Michigan. The team that always contended for the Big Ten Championship when the conference was arguably one of the toughest in the country. The team that seemed completely out of sorts when it went THREE years without going to the Rose Bowl or winning the Big Ten Championship. The team that never lost but only ran out of time because they would had superior coaches…they would make the adjustments. The team that had players that could hold their own with any in the country. A team of undersized or undervalued recruits that played like demons and would go toe to toe with any national power no matter how much that other team cheated. The team that would march into any stadium in the country and would never be intimidated and would play it’s best and take the crowd out of it. In short...the team that kept Bo's promise. Those Who Stay Will Be Champions.

    You know…the Leaders and Best. You know…the Champions of the West. Ahem.

    This is Michigan for God’s sake. No…no my friends. That WAS Michigan. It hasn’t been Michigan for over decade. It’s not been Michigan for Lloyd’s reign…certainly not for Rich Rod…now not Brady Hoke. Not yet. Not even close. After Year 2 of Brady Hoke, I’m not as convinced as I was after Year 1 that he will be the man that gets us back.

    Big Ten Championships. Mental toughness to win on the road. Play toe to the toe with the nation’s best. Contend for National Championships. THAT WAS MICHIGAN!

    Being a mediocre team in a conference that is now the weakest major college football conference? Being pushed around the field. Mental weakness. Inexcusable losses. Unacceptable coaching decisions. Unprepared players. THIS IS MICHIGAN! This is Michigan right now.

    Shallow words and empty promises. THIS IS MICHIGAN. THIS IS MICHIGAN for God’s sake. I can’t take one more offseason of how this so-and-so is our next Heisman trophy winner, how this person is the next Charles Woodson, how this team is so improved, how this coaching staff has done this and that to make us the next big winner, how Michigan will of course be back and Big Ten Championship contenders next season. You see, it seems next season is all Michigan fans have had to look forward to for over a decade…maybe since Moe was fired…maybe since Bo retired. Outside of 1997, what have we accomplished. I could say 2003 and 2004 were great teams…but how about the inexcusable losses that even came in those seasons. How many of these years have been with year after year after year of Top 10 recruiting classes? The ‘life contract’ with Lloyd Carr after winning the national championship was the worst thing that ever happened to this program.

    This is Michigan.

    No more. I’m not being fooled anymore. This is Michigan. This is Michigan right now. Unacceptable. Uninspired. Mediocre football in an awful conference. THAT IS MICHIGAN. I’m done.

    There’s been one coach in my lifetime that truly had a life contract and was above reproach in my humble opinion…and that was Bo. There were people that thought he lost it in the rare, rare occurrence that he lost four games in a season. There were people that wanted Moe out after two 8-4 seasons and many still contend he’d still be the coach if we had been coming off a Big Ten Championship in 1994.

    Now we live and breathe 8-4. Now we celebrate 8-4. The Big Ten runner up trophy should be called the Lloyd Carr trophy.

    Not me. Unacceptable. A mediocre team in a bad conference. Inexcusable.

    I’m mad and it seems like I get madder as we put the Buckeyes and the season behind us.

    We can’t do anything about Denard’s injury, but Gardner not being ready at #2 for Nebraska is inexcusable and unacceptable. How do you not have your best #2 ready? Whether he was in the Borges doghouse or Bellomy was a practice all-American, how could he not be put in after Bellomy’s first few series? Would we have won? I don’t know. I do know we wouldn’t have rolled over.

    We were outcoached in the second half against Ohio State, and you can’t just throw away winnable games in Columbus. What worries me the most was that 4th down call in our territory not to punt. If it was Borges, he should be gone. If it was Brady, that scares the hell out of me because it’s inexcusable…and my opinion doesn’t change even if he makes it.

    At the end of the day, we are a mediocre team in the worst major conference in the country and we’re heading right into loss #5 in the bowl. That is unacceptable. And it scares the hell out of me that I don’t think we’re much closer next year despite the number of games at home. I hope I’m wrong. After all, this is Michigan.

    This is 8-4 team that's an incomplete Hail Mary and a missed field goal away from being 6-6...and losing to Sparty five years in a row. Then how do you feel about this year? How do you feel about 133. How do you feel about Brady Hoke? You are what your record says you are? Ok. We're mediocre in a bad conference. We can't even make the championship game in a conference where the whole league wears clown shoes.

    Our offense is awful, and if Brady Hoke wants to die on the cross with Al Borges, that's his call. This season is unacceptable and I give no passes beyond 2014 for this coach or his staff. Last year I was 99% convinced we had the right guy for the job. Now I'm 50/50. Our biggest concern would have to be that the infallible David Brandon would have to admit he made a mistake.

    Everything great about Michigan Football...THAT WAS MICHIGAN. Outside of the helmets, the fight song, and the history, we're just a mediocre team in a bad conference. This is Michigan. This is Michigan for God's sake.

    Demand better Michigan fans. Demand accountability. Demand results. Your program has been mediocre for a very long time...for a generation of kids...and that's just the plain damn truth.

    Go Blue and God bless you and whoever the hell can clean up this mess and make us truly relevant again.

    Truth hurts doesn't it?

    "The only thing That Team Up North will be tasting this year is the salty tears of defeat" - UFM

  • Razorback


    Tried to tell 'em during the offseason but most wouldn't listen. You went 11-2 last year because you had a cupcake schedule. That's it. This year they got a dose of reality since they actually had to play some teams with a pulse. And I am definitely experiencing schadenfreude.

    Edit: Will be experiencing more schadenfreude if they lose their bowl game. cheers

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  • violinPoor fellas! biggrin

  • What a crybaby. Pure hubris.

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  • HAHAHAHA! Aside from a guy who will NEVER understand that although, it IS THE GAME, it is just that....a game. We will have another shot against what will most likely be an even better OSU Team next year. Hopefully we can make a game out of it in 2013 too....we shall see.

    That said, he does bring up very good points! I may have a conversation about some of his points, but I don't think I would write a "blog essay" on a message board. Bottom line is whether you're a Michigan fan or an OSU fan, anyone can see that Michigan had a much tougher schedule in '12 than in '11. I said all along that I would have been happy with 9-3. And looking back at it...Alabama (#1 at the time and could still be playing in the NCG), ND (NEVER would have guessed that they would finish #1 and are going to be playing in the NCG), OSU (Perfect Season...12-0), and then NEB....of those losses, Nebraska stings the most. We were not prepared in the least, if and in case Denard went down. I can handle the other losses...the Nebraska loss just pissed me off though. Also, just like Razor pointed out, 2011 season for Michigan was set up perfect for us. And I'm not trying to start a huge arguement and mean NO disrespect whatsoever for OSU's perfect season, but JMO, you guys didn't have what I consider to be the hardest schedule in college football this year....again....JMO.

    Either way...I really enjoy reading rants like this...good stuff! Truth be told...I wrote somewhat of a rant against Borges on our board after Nebraska...I don't think it was received too well from our fanbase...haha!

  • Razorback

    I agree with you -- we definitely had a similar schedule this year compared with Michigan's 2011 schedule, no question.

    And I can fully understand why you are mad about the Nebraska game. I would be, too. That is 100% on your coaching staff not having a backup QB ready to go.

  • Yeah. I don't take it too seriously anymore. It is just a game. Its nice to win and sucks to lose but life goes on.

    The thing I believe stands out in his rant was his ability to admit, and someone else pointed this out in the premium thread, that Michigan was a hail mary and a missed FG away from being 6-6.

    Yes Michigan's schedule was more difficult this year but I don't think it was that much more difficult. The only real difference is the amount of home games. They play ND every year. They play Ohio State every year. And now they will play Nebraska every year.

    You are of course welcome to your opinion about OSU's schedule. I would just like to point out that OSU's SOS is almost the same as Alabama's and a few others in the top 5. Everyone schedules like this. The word I would use to describe it is "normal" rather than "weak".

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    "The only thing That Team Up North will be tasting this year is the salty tears of defeat" - UFM

  • At least someones facing reality and not living in Hoke is the second coming of Bo. "I really feel sorry for them" cry "NOT" explode

    Those Who Stay Will Be Championshipless

  • "The Big Ten runner up trophy should be called the Lloyd Carr trophy."tongue

    Seems to be the most honest and intelligent scUM fan I've ever heard of. To say that Shitigan have lowered their standards from their glory days is the gospel truth. Well, maybe OSU has lowered some standards in regard to some of the character issues we've endured over the past decade or so, but not on the field at least.

    Btw, thank you for capitalizing Schadenfreude (literally means "shady happiness"). Anybody that knows any german knows that ALL nouns are capitalized. It shows a certain of amount of astuteness and accuracy on your part. clap I know, sports forums are not the place for grammar and spelling fanatics to hang out, but we don't want to look like scUM fans, if we can help it. I'd rather be dead myself.

  •'re absolutely correct. We could have EASILY been 6-6 at the end. Of course, every year, just about every team, can say the same thing. Last year, we were lucky Braxton overthrew to a wide open Posey. Last year, we were lucky that the DB from ND continued to get burned by Roundtree and Gallon in the last 20 seconds of the game. Last year, we were lucky enough to have a kicker that "just thought of brunettes" in a bowl game and not shanking Fgs the way they were shanked in the previous 2 years...haha! Of course, you Buckeyes know a thing or two about getting a few "breaks" this year, right?...(wink, wink) J/K!!!!

  • Completely agree with you.

    Our schedule did line up perfectly for us this season...and I'm not downplaying a perfect's victory makes obtaining the next one that much harder. One victory puts a tighter squeeze on the next one when you're trying to go undefeated.

    I would probably have gone on a rant as you did after Nebraska and that poster did above. A significant difference I see as far as coaching goes....when Braxton was out, our #2 guy was ready to go. That speaks volumes. That gives me a lot to look forward to for next season....and although next season's schedule looks even more promising than this one....IMO it's going to get even harder for us trying to build on and improve from an undefeated season and at the same time keeping our guys heads out of the media, hype and hyperbole they will face next year.

    I've never been sold on Hoke. Never once felt worried about him being your coach....or felt threatened by his presence. His record before arriving up there was less than stellar. Ball State he was 34-38. San Diego State he was 13-12. With your extremely favorable schedule last year combined with this year...he's 19-6. He's now 66-56 over all. He's lost more games than Jim Tressel (94-22 while at tOSU) and Urban Meyer (116-23 LIFETIME) combined!!

    For that reason I totally understand and agree with the rant above. Considering being a Michigan fan and the history and tradition you've experienced...why on earth would your AD hire a man who's record before being hired was 47-50? That's a losing record. That's what Michigan wants? Which is exactly the point that guy was making about your AD not caring about the winning history that used to be Michigan.

    I remember so many of your posters comparing the Hoke hire being a gamble the same as Tressel being a gamble for Ohio State. Believe's not even in the same ball park! If Tressel had a record coming into Ohio State like Hokes....we wouldn't be having this conversation.

  • By the way Gobucks thanks for sharing this....great for conversation.

    Ahoy and you are also both the end it is just a game. It's not the end of the world to say the least.

  • This post is ALL about being butt hurt after the Buckeye smack down! Coach Urban causing
    heavy flow and bleeding from the skunk bear faithful!! megaphone

    We should keep this entire post for posterity and as a hard facts/ tough love reminder for the scUM fans whenever and wherever they should rise up heading into 2013.

    There are a couple of classic "loser", soft mentality lines with this post. This dude should immediately engage in "hara-kiri" or seppuku as I am fairly sure the Michigan fans see him in the EXACT same light as Bucknutters see that ass hole Tornado Zadar!! lol

    A piss poor example of a fan that is constantly finding the negativity of a situation and always looking for the wrong reasons to blame a loss on someone. I absolutely HATE people like that and although he's causing pain on the enemy, he or she is still an ass hole that you would much rather leave out the back door than stay! That's Fraudnado and a few select others on this board.

    You can certainly tell that this person likely hasn't played a down of football or participated in any type of competitive sports at any level. People who compete know that you don't go out like this as its a matter of pride. You stay with your club no matter what and you never give-up. No matter what happens!! EVER!!

    This is a mental and spiritual surrender to say the least that is unforgivable, but definitely fun to know from the insiders own voice......that the URBANATOR is gettin' to them game by game. clap

    It's just a matter of time when Coach Meyer puts up a streak of about 4 or 5 straight wins when we will likely see mass suicide up North and scUM fans lamenting the old days, as well as starting to eat their young due to the consecutive beat downs and severe stress caused by Buckeye Nation!!


    GO BUCKS!!


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    BuckNasty is all about The Buckeyes!!!

  • Bear, I hear what you're saying, believe me. Call me a homer, but I like Hoke and what he is bringing in terms of recruiting. The only thing that I can say about our AD, is that he is in the position that he is for a reason. The one thing that stands out to me is what Brandon said in the interviewing process:, "not everything that glitters is gold". Before RR was hired, I was furious that we didn't land Miles. Now looking back, I'm not so sure Miles would have been the answer. Especially seeing what has transpired and comments Les has recently made. Arkansas comes at him with a HUGE offer, LSU responds with a HUGE extension, Les steps up to the podium and says with that Miles smirk: "with kids in school, I needed a raise". We would have shelled out a ton of money for a HC and not been able to get someone like Mattison who was desperately needed. Same goes with Harbaugh. But that's a completely different story...Jimmy wants to win a Superbowl and has made that publicly known, even when he was at Stanford.

    Like I've said in the past, Hoke may not have been the sexiest pick for Michigan, but he's a guy that WANTS NOTHING MORE than to coach at Michigan. I will reserve all negative opinions (and there aren't many yet) on Hoke until he has HIS players that HE recruited on the field. Same goes for Mattison. And although it's taking everything in me to give Borges the benefit of the doubt, yes, even "Big Al" deserves to have shot to prove what he can do with his players...if that makes any sense....

  • Great perspective Nasty.

    While I agree with the posters points about the hiring of Hoke (something which most of us knew already anyway) I absolutely see your point when Lloyd Carr was brought into the equation. I certainly don't think the attack on him was fair to say the least. Lloyd Carr's record speaks for itself 122-40 (5 Big Ten titles and a NC to boot). At least Dick Rod was 103-54 when he arrived in Annwhorebor....but still. I see your's like a complete surrender.

  • It's not a question about being a homer. Not at all.

    You may like Hoke in terms of bringing in recruiting...well then he should have been hired as a recruiter. All that glitters isn't gold.....but there are many things that glitter and Hoke's coaching resume isn't one of them. There's a reason he was 47-50 before he became your head coach. Did you question that 4th down call in your own territory? That's something I'd even question with a coach like Tressel or Meyer......and there are many times when I question that call when Chip Kelly makes it over and over again.....let alone Brady Hoke.

    My hats off to you that you think he's going to make it work.....but many more times than not there's a reason we are attracted to things that glitter. Things that glitter catch fish!

    I'm not sure about Miles either...but I knew Dick Rod was definitely not the right choice. I think you could have used more patience while Carr was still there....and really taken your time to find the perfect coach.

    But that's hard to do in the gotta have it now society we live guys probably could have had either Harbaugh or Miles had things been done correctly.....

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    Indeed, indeed! That troll that keeps reincarnating him/herself (now Leroy_Brown) must be just about ready to pop an "Eva Braun" capsule about now!

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  • Agree to a certain extend. However...Brandon did not hire RichRod, Bill Frickin' Martin did (don't even get me going on Bill Martin). In regards to Harbaugh....maybe. There are only a handful of people that know what the conversation between he and Brandon consisted of.

    In regards to Lloyd....UGH!!!! Let's put it this way...I'm sure you would NEVER consider going out and purchasing ANYTHING to do with Michigan, but the book "Three and Out" by J. Bacon is well worth the read. Lloyd was given every opportunity to comment in ANY section of that book or be interviewed and he refused to comment. I was always one who gave Carr the benefit of the doubt, until I read that book. I'm sure if I posted this on the Michigan board I would be DV'ed all day....Carr did a lot of great things for Michigan football, the university, and the kids he coached (on and off the field). However, everything he did/said/or acted immediately after he retired was everything BUT being a "Michigan Man". I can honestly say that if I were to see Lloyd walking down the same side of the street today, I would cross to the other side. Between Martin and Carr...those are two guys I have NO respect for whatsoever.


    Ahoy: Do you believe Carr was bitter? Did he feel forced out?

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  • Hoke is a mediocre coach his 8-4 record this year is a little better than his average. Lifetime he is 0.540. This is will likely tick up a tad during his tenure at *ichigan given the resources he now has at his disposal. Through out his career he has been lauded for second and third place finishes. And to this day, he still is.

    Last year Hoke took over a down *ichigan team. The stars aligned, and he was able to parlay a weak schedule and a victory over a weak Ohio State squad into a career year. Urban Meyer is lifetime 0.828. He was able to take advantage of a down B1G and run the table, 12-0. Those making excuses for Hoke saying they are waiting for Hoke to get his guys in place, consider this. Under similar circumstances, using someone else guys, Meyer was perfect. And few would deny that Meyer turned a 6-7 Ohio State team that was in disarray and plagued with holes in the line up and injuries into the class of the B1G. Therein lies the major difference between Hoke and Meyer. One is a decent but average coach, the other is an elite coach.

    If I were an *ichigan fan, God Forbid, I would take Hoke over Dick Rod any day, but Hoke is not the guy to bring B1G Championships, victories over Ohio State, and National Titles to AA. He is what he is, average. A few more losses to Ohio State and a few more second place finishes and he'll go the way of Llllllloyd and Dick Rod.

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    Patrick : "What do you think about the Ohio State hire?" Hoke: "Not...not good"

  • Hell, I don't know. Quite honestly, don't care! He made a ton of money and the university did an aweful lot for him, only (in my eyes) to have him crap all over the program. Facts are facts...Carr was done after THE GAME in 2006 (maybe a year sooner). The "country club" culture in that program was sickening. A #5 team has no frickin' business losing to App State. They have NO business the following week, getting hammered by an Oregon team. Can you even imagine something like that happening at OSU? You guys fired a really good coach that just couldn't find a way to beat Michigan. Imagine if Woody were alive, what would have been done to an OSU coach that lost to someone like App State?...regardless where you were ranked, not to mention, being #5 in the country. I know this much...I would put any amount of money that if Bo saw that and was AD....he would have marched right into Carr's office and said, "you have til the end of the season to figure out what you want to do next in life, I'll give you that much Lloyd. But you are coaching your last season at Michigan". Instead, Bill Martin, even though he was told (by Lloyd) that he was done, did NOTHING to prepare. So when the time came after that 2007 game vs Ohio State and Lloyd tells Martin that he's leaving, I can just picture Martin saying: "Lloyd, I'm very happy for you. BTW....who should we hire?".

    So...through my eyes, what I see....we have two people to thank for the "tradtion enriched football program, that is Michigan", falling in the crapper from 2008-2010, and trying to plunge the same toilet over the past couple of seasons.....Bill Martin and Uncle Lloyd Carr!

    HOLY CRAP!!! I realized half way through this post, I started commenting in this thread somewhat mocking a guy's rant about Michigan football....and now you damn buckeyes have me ranting....hahahaha!

  • It's all good ahoy I've always enjoyed the discussions and your perspective.

    But I have a question....I still don't get what Lloyd has done. He told Martin he was why/how is it Lloyds fault that Martin did nothing? Did Lloyd have some kind of hire/veto power over Martin through the country club?

    If so I can understand....especially if he's the main culprit as to why nothing was done pro-active to hire.

    I think you kind of hit the nail on the head though. John Cooper was a good coach. He had a winning record coming to Ohio State. 99-56 with 5 conference championships is a big difference than Hoke's 47-50 with no championships. Key there being that championships were actually won and that's what counts....getting it done in the end.

    I get that sometimes stats don't tell the whole story....but it took Hoke 5 years just to get a winning record of 7-6 and 6 years for the nice 12-1 record at Ball State and still didn't win the conference crown. That's not good as far as I'm concerned. Hell even Bo won the MAC twice before he took the job up north. Just my two......

  • It's a little early to be dumping on Hoke. His record at Ball State and wherever else he coached doesn't mean jack except that he left those schools better off than he found them. Michigan is a different kettle of fish with their resources and tradition. Seems to me he is recruiting well and has quality assistant coaches. I think we might be in for a good rivalry for the next few years or so with Urban and the Hokester.

    This year, we won at home by less than a touchdown and, quite frankly, their defense stoned us most of the game. It's too soon to be writing an epitaph for Brady Hoke.

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  • Ball State went 2-10 in 2009, 4-8 in 2010 and 6-6 in 2011. How is that leaving them better off than he found them?

    By comparison, Brian Kelly went 10-3 in 2007, 11-3 in 2008 and 12-0 in 2009 and Butch Jones who took over afterward went 4-8 in 2010, 8-3 in 2011 and is 8-3 and may end up 9-3 this year.

    I guess my only point is that scUM sure as hell could have made a much better hire than Hoke. One good season at Ball State does not make him a winner or a program rehabilitater....that's all I'm saying.

    I agree it's early yet and he's only been there a short while....but......he came in there mediocre at best from the start. Next season is going to be huge....huge for Brady Hoke. He's going to have to win at the very least nine games next season or the burner in the kitchen is going to heat up.

  • I'm still dying from laughter knowing that Brady Hoke is their coach. BRADY HOKE.


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  • They lost to ND, Alabama, OSU and Nebraska which were the only real competition considering how bad the Big Ten was this year.They should have lost their bowl game last year except they had Frank Beamer on their side.

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