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  • Your right OSU's schedule had a weak non conference and the Big Ten is not very good. I do believe the future is brighter in Columbus with Urban.

  • scUM fans are taking solace in the fact that they lost to #'s 1,2,4, and 14, - ND, Alabama, OSU and Nebraska. But they overlook the fact that the only team they beat with a winning record was Northwestern. The last I looked, a team's success is not measured by who they lost to. It's measured by who they beat.

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    Patrick : "What do you think about the Ohio State hire?" Hoke: "Not...not good"

  • Beamer is the biggest choke out there. Richt has his shot. Lets see what he can do. Im guessing these two guys are one in the same.

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  • Of course we know about getting some breaks. We've had good ones and bad ones over the years.

    "The only thing That Team Up North will be tasting this year is the salty tears of defeat" - UFM

  • Hey Bear,

    I don't know much about Mr. Hoke but I did find this on Wikipedia (which is never incorrect). banana

    "Hoke left his assistant coaching position at Michigan in December 2002 to become the head football coach at his alma mater, Ball State. In six years at Ball State, Hoke was credited with turning around the football program. In 2008, he led the Ball State football team to a 12–1 record and the first appearance in the Associated Press Top 25 (peaking at No. 12) in school history. In December 2008, Hoke was hired as the head football coach at San Diego State University. He led the 2010 San Diego State Aztecs football team to the school's first nine-win season since 1971 and a victory over Navy in the 2010 Poinsettia Bowl.

    He returned to Michigan after he was hired to be the program's 19th head football coach on January 11, 2011. In his inaugural season with the Wolverines he led them to a 11–2, taking Michigan to their first BCS Bowl game since the 2006 football season, where Michigan defeated the Virginia Tech Hokies in the 2012 Sugar Bowl."

    Of course I might be wrong, but I don't think he's quite as crappy a head coach as many on this Board suggest. I guess time will tell.

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  • I understand Jimmy I do....and I agree that time will tell.

    But I have a question for you. If you went 4-8, 2-9, 4-7 and 5-7 in your 1st 4 years at Ohio State where would you be? You wouldn't be on the sidelines at the Shoe for a 5th season would you? If by some reason you still stayed employed by tOSU.....and made it to your 5th season....and managed a 7-6 about then? Would you still be employed.

    I'm going to go out on a limb here....and say no....and I'm not really going out on a limb.

    That was Brady Hoke's 1st 5 years at Ball in our world...meaning tOSU and is that considered turning the program around? Two of the most storied, winningest programs in NCAA is that even in the vicinity of our standards?

    You know I get it....and that's great for Ball State....but that's just's Ball State.

  • In all honesty he isn't that bad.

    People point to his record but fail to mention that the clubs he took over were in really bad shape. I mean bad. Ball State was terrible and so was San Diego State. His overall record doesn't show how he took over near winless clubs with no talent. Lost the first couple years while he got some guys in and then finally started to win. Its had to get something going in a place where winning is not a tradition.

    The thing I like to point out is that while Hoke is not as bad as we put him out to be.....he is still no Urban Meyer. Hoke is going to win some football games for sure. Might even pull off a win or two here and there against Ohio State. But lets keep it real here. In what world can Brady Hoke compete seriously against a football rock star like Urban Meyer. Florida is having a great year and their fans are still butt hurt over losing Meyer.

    "The only thing That Team Up North will be tasting this year is the salty tears of defeat" - UFM

  • You make great points Gobucks...and I agree largely.

    However, Florida had 1 down year with the departure of Meyer....and still managed to win 7 games. They are back on their game this year. So when Meyer departed...the program didn't slide which IMO shows a solid program is in place.

    Now Hoke on the other hand...departs from Ball State after a 12-1 season (previous year they went 7-6) and the program goes 2-8 in 09, 4-8 in 2010, 6-6 in 2011 and this year have a winning season 9-3. So maybe he did lay a good foundation for the program...but I don't think it should have declined that badly that quickly upon his immediate departure.

    Hoke isn't that bad. Completely agree. But again....we're talking about scUM....the arch rival of tOSU and vice versa. Did tOSU need to be rebuilt after Tressel? After Cooper? After Bruce? After Hayes? IMO no it did needed tweaked....and it needed a winner who understands the culture of tOSU football. It needed a coach who did not down play and take scUM and The Game lightly (which I don't think Hoke does I know he gets it).....

    Hokes 11-2 record is proof that scUM didn't need to be re-built. My 1 and only point is that I still don't think Hoke was who scUM should have hired.....based on his resume. What he did at Ball State is impressive if you have 5 years to wait for a winning season....which is a hell of a lot bigger gamble than hiring a coach who is a proven winner.

    Take Cincinnati for example. Mark Dantonio.. "Dantonio was named head coach at Cincinnati on December 23, 2003. He became the first head coach in 23 years to lead the school to a winning season in his first season at UC. The Bearcats' 7–5 record included a 5–3 record in Conference USA, which was good enough for a second place finish. The Bearcats finished the season on a winning note with a 32–14 win over Marshall in the PlainsCapital Fort Worth Bowl. During Dantonio’s time at UC, he led the Bearcats to a bowl game victory and directed the team's transition into the Big East Conference. As head coach, Dantonio had fifteen players earn all-conference honors and twenty-five received conference academic recognition."

    So Dantonio leaves and who do they replace him with? Brian Kelly...." Central Michigan had won more than 3 games only once in the previous four seasons. CMU finished with a 4–7 record in 2004. In Kelly's second year at Central Michigan he coached the team to a 6–5 record, the first winning season in seven years for the Chippewas. In his third season, the Chippewas posted a 9–4 record under Kelly en route to winning the MAC Championship and qualifying for the Motor City Bowl."

    Hell even Butch Jones who took over for Kelly won 2 MAC titles.....

    So my main and only point is this is fu_king scUM for crying out loud!! Are they really going to be out-smarted as far as coaching hires by a lot lessor accomplished program like Cincinnati?!! IMO they have been.....

    Let's flip it.....let's say it's summer of 2011 and it's announced Brady Hoke is the new head coach at tOSU. How good would you/we all feel about that....using the same reasoning we have been for this discussion? Would that have been an acceptable hire in your eyes?

    I will say least The Game has had much more appeal the last 2 seasons...than it did for the previous 3 years that RRod was Hoke may very well get it done up there.

    I just think knowing what the expectations are up there....or rather maybe used to be up there......he will always be a middle of the road coach and middle of the road doesn't cut it here....and shouldn't cut it up north either. Which was the point of the ranting scUM poster.

  • I know that was a long post and I apologize.....

    In no way am I saying I'm right's just my opinion on the matter.

    Personally.....I would have been hugely disappointed if we had hired Brady Hoke.

    So I'll just say yeah you know what....he's a great hire for scUM. That I guess is about it.