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Missouri football

  • Rivals rank 35th,-----1 four star, 19 ----3 stars. Stars don't mean everything but do you want to play here (missouri)
    or at tOSU, tough decision.

  • easy to say when both your parents are graduates of school and you didnt grow up rooting for them

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  • EZE publicly said he was going to work on getting Missouri's 2014 OL commit Andy Bauer, who's also from St. Louis, to flip to Ohio State. Bauer decommitted a couple months ago. He's never said why so we may never know if Elliott ever got a chance to bend his ear but I'm hoping EZE is thinking about what he said or would have said to convince Bauer why going to OSU would have been a better choice than going to Missouri.

  • I've said it before and I will say it again until the Bucknuts nation hears me through and through.


    I played HS ball in the state of Missouri North of STL at one of the area's power houses. Mizzou would recruit all of our players
    from Hazelwood East High and from Hazelwood Central, where many of epic battle has been played over the past 30 years.

    NOT ONE...I mean ZERO of these kids that went to Mizzou made it or did anything in CFB. Mizzoui is a place where dreams of football greatness go to die a slow and painful death! Dreams of greatness literally don't materialize. Ask yourself who was the LAST great Missouri grad that made it to the NFL to do anything of note? shrug

    If Zeke is foolish enough to be lured by Mizzou simply because his parents went there, it is a mistake that he will not survive! That program and every thing around it are third tier at best.

    Unless that kid wants to study Engineering or Journalism there is simply no need to consider the University of Missouri.

    The choice really is his and he needs to decide whether he is a serious athlete that wants to compete and/or make the league. If not, then go to Mizzoui, get your degree and follow your parents.

    If he wants to win titles, play in big time bowl games, have a shot at the national title, get a FABULOUS EDUCATION and make it to the NFL then...............there's only one answer and that is .............THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY!

    Quit sweating this kid and let him decide what he wants to do. I'm starting to get very sick of the Mizzoui discussion as if they are a serious contender at anything in the sports realm.


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    BuckNasty is all about The Buckeyes!!!

  • LMAO!

    +1 Bucknasty

    "Buckeye born and bred, a Buckeye 'til I'm dead"

  • It never ceases to amaze me how outsiders (let's call them what they are - strangers to the kid making the decision) handpick the things that to THEM are the reasons why they should a kid should go to one school and not another. Then they act like the kid is an idiot if he chooses a school that does not align with those priorities. Ridiculous.

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  • Never said he was or would be an idiot for selecting Missouri as that would be a personal attack that is unwarranted. These decisions are
    never personal as they are only kids.

    What I did say is that Missouri ISN'T a serious CFB program. Time to reread and gain a tad bit of reading comprehension.
    What's ridiculous is in this day and age, as well as access to education, grown ass men can't master the reading of simple or plain text.

    But hey, thanks commenting.


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    BuckNasty is all about The Buckeyes!!!

  • Mr. BuckNasty,

    I wasn't referring directly to you. If I was, I would have quoted your post. It was a general observation. Sort of makes your comment about reading comprehension a bit ironic.

    Sorry you wrongly perceived my message.

  • lol

    No worries. I'm sorry as well. You know me, I just like to talk trash but don't mean anything personal by it.

    I'm only sharing what I know about the program, the state, history of football in the state, etc. I am not an insider by any means, but it is baffling that a kid with these skills would even consider this program as a REAL alternative to tOSU. It's puzzling at best given Mizzoui's track record of turning out players and how they literally got blasted on the regular in the SEC.

    I understand Mizzoui wanting this kid, but what I don't understand is the father (e.g. a former player), who has got to know better, would play with fire here. Coach Meyer shouldn't be taken lightly and to "go silent" days before NLOID as if they are looking to call Coach Meyer's bluff is astonishing to me. He's got to know that playing for Mizzoui is a dead end and the exposure, development and track record of success simply isn't there in Columbia.

    If it were my son, it would be clear where I stand with regard to my selection of tOSU. Maybe he has done this back channel and this really isn't a worry at all for the staff? Then again I did start by saying that I am not an insider. I'm only going by what I read/ see and this doesn't smell right given this kid's apparent caliber and potential upside.

    C'mon Zeke be strong, commit and become a star at tOSU!!

    It's time to be and play like a champion!! clap


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    BuckNasty is all about The Buckeyes!!!

  • To begin with I'm not disagreeing with you at all. But out of curiosity:

    Current Missouri NFL players
    Danario Alexander - wide receiver, for the San Diego Chargers
    Tim Barnes - center for the St. Louis Rams
    Beau Brinkley - long snapper for the Tennessee Titans
    Colin Brown - offensive tackle for the Buffalo Bills
    Chase Coffman - tight end for the Atlanta Falcons
    Chase Daniel - quarterback for the New Orleans Saints
    Michael Egnew - tight end for the Miami Dolphins
    Blaine Gabbert - quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars
    Andrew Gachkar - linebacker for the San Diego Chargers
    Ziggy Hood - defensive lineman for the Pittsburgh Steelers
    Jeremy Maclin - wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles
    William Moore - defensive back for the Atlanta Falcons
    C.J. Mosley - defensive tackle for Jacksonville Jaguars
    Kevin Rutland - defensive back for Jacksonville Jaguars
    Aldon Smith - defensive end for the San Francisco 49ers
    Brad Smith - Quarterback/Return Specialist/Wide Receiver for Buffalo Bills
    Justin Smith - defensive end for the San Francisco 49ers
    Sean Weatherspoon - Linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons
    Martin Rucker - tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs

    On a further note and solely based out of curiosity...the only Missouri player of note...who had a prolific NFL Kellen Winslow circa 1978!

    Not one single RB is on that list as it stands....

    I think people are sweating this thing way too much as well Nasty!!

    I think Eze is all Buckeye.

    If he chooses otherwise so be it.

  • Brother Bear:

    Thanks for the information as I think it further illustrates my point. Yes, Kellen Winslow is the most notable and hell he graduated back in the 70s. That's nearly 40 years ago.

    Hell all Zeke has to do is go in the WHAC and walk down the hall to review the Buckeye's legends/ history exhibit, as well as national titles to know which school has the most rich track record.

    I hate to be a broken record, but Mizzoui simply "ain't it." Wake up, son! Wake up!

    I hope you are right Bear and that he's already signaled to the staff that he intends to be a Buckeye.


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    BuckNasty is all about The Buckeyes!!!