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More Reasons to Hate Michigan

  • Excellent post. The only really fair tax is a flat tax which hits everyone close to the same but the greedy politicians and their sponsors (big contributors) will never vote for it. Your comment about our government and politicians being corrupt is dead on as they are all only in it for themselves and what they can get out of it. Pelosi and Reid are two prime examples and I know there are just as many R's as there are D's but those two have been proven corrupt and nothing happens.

  • Bottom line.

  • Good god I am so tired of hearing about the 1%. People have become so jealous bc of a class warefare campaign designed to divide people. Now we are going to fight over unions. Are we so stupid that we let the media manipulate us so easily?

  • You don't know the facts or maybe you do and just turn a blind eye. The unions in this case (Michigan) specifically are nothing more than a party to the greatest money laundering scheme in history. Unions pay dues. Those dues pay for constant democratic political advertising, support and promotion. The democrats in turn reward the unions with over paying project contracts. It's never been about "the worker". It's always been about the payback and the cycle never stops. Money guarantees votes and support and votes and support guarantee fat contracts.

  • Razorback

    Funny you mention that -- when I picked up my Corvette at the National Corvette Museum they gave me a tour of the facility and the production line, and what you described is exactly how it was setup -- folks working the assembly line waiting for the next piece and while they would wait, they would sit and read books, etc. which is totally fine -- they were friendly and waved to me and thanked me for buying Chevy and my tour guide was talking about how much those workers appreciate folks who buy the cars they make, etc. so that they have jobs, and I'm glad to help the American economy by buying American, but I sure as hell hope they're not making $30 per hour to do a repetitive task like I witnessed that you could very nearly train a chimpanzee to do....

  • Please stop pretending that your little limited view of the world encompasses all knowledge. I hate little self proclaimed know it all 's who go around and tell everyone they are wrong because their small little mind can't entertain that their view of the world could be wrong.

    I worked at the GM plant in Moraine (truck and bus) and know what they made and what they did. Know how? I did the payroll. But what would I know about how much they made since I worked where they cut the checks?

    So I think we all know who the fucking moron is.

    Edit: Maybe in the future you should avoid these kinds of discussions due to your inability to handle it.

    This post was edited by Gobucks187TTUN 19 months ago

    "The only thing That Team Up North will be tasting this year is the salty tears of defeat" - UFM

  • You don't have the first inkling on what you are talking about.

    Know why CEO's get paid a lot of money? Because they make shareholders a lot of money and everyone wants the good CEOs. So in a competative market there is a bidding war for the good ones. And the wages CEOs make is a pittance compared to the billions they make their companies.

    Unlike CEOs, middle class workers don't make these companies billions of dollars. The job market is now global. You can thank Clinton for that one too. Now you aren't just competing for jobs against Americans but you are competing against the Chinese, Indians, Mexicans, and pretty much any other worker out there who wants a job. And guess what? They will work for a hell of a lot less than Joe Union.

    You don't like it? Go out there and start your own company and show everyone how its done. Hire those lazy entitled overpaid union workers and see how long your business lasts. "The facts don't lie".

    You're fired, Joe Union. Its over and it is never coming back.

    "The only thing That Team Up North will be tasting this year is the salty tears of defeat" - UFM

  • Great post. Everything you said is completely true. And it will also be ignored by the mental minority because the nature of their willingness to be a victim doesn't allow them to admit these things.

    "The only thing That Team Up North will be tasting this year is the salty tears of defeat" - UFM

  • Dumbass post!

  • Go ask a wal mart worker how's not being in a union working out for them!!?? Walton family worth a 100 billion dollars , while they're employees work for poverty wages...

  • They still got jobs, don't they?

    Ask the auto workers how that worked out for them. Ask em if being unemployed and having no job but still owing union wages worked out for them.

    "The only thing That Team Up North will be tasting this year is the salty tears of defeat" - UFM

  • "Let them eat cake" there's some compassion.........In a perfect world there would be no greedy uncaring businesses and there would'nt be any lazy unreliable workers.Business leaders would care about their employees and employees would be dedicated to their company and there would be no need for unions.....We all know this world is far from perfect.

  • Here is the ridiculous part about unions.....While in college, at TOSU, I worked night shift at a steel industry with union workers. As I approached my work station on my 2nd night, I went to move an empty box out of my station that was blocking my workspace. As I started to move it, I was yelled at by another worker, a union member, telling me "Don't touch that box, that is the job of another worker!" So, 20 minutes later, the "Box removing union member" got to it, and I was able to get to work having already fallen some 20 pieces behind the line.

    And people wonder why the we are falling so far behind our international factories. They go to work, appreciate having a job and bust their butts their entire shift. While over here, our workers are lazy, looking for ways NOT to work hard, oh and demanding much higher pay to work less....

    That is the problem, period. If I owned a company, how smart would I be producing half the product here in the US at twice the cost? The generation of Union workers from the 40's and 50's had a much better work ethic than the workers from the 80's to present. We are a spoiled, feeling of entitlement, give me give me society and the US will never regain what has been lost.

  • Or how did it work out for the Hostess workers?

    With the upcoming healthcare costs coming to companies, there are going to be a LOT of layoffs to full time employees to avoid having to pay for healthcare.

  • I grew up in a UAW home. My mother and father were both union members. I love manufacturing. I received a degree in Labor Relations. I was pro union all the way. Then I got a real job in the real world.

    I have worked for both union and non union companies. In union companies, it's an " us against them" mentality. In a successful non union company, both labor and management work together to become more efficient and profitable. Union and management almost never work together unless it has to do with safety. Otherwise, forget it.
    For those of you who have never worked in a union shop, you would be totally amazed at the number of frivolous grievances that are filed on a daily basis which allows workers to get paid to not work. The grievance process, along with many other silly rules, cost companies tons of money, not to mention the constant daily chaos. It's like going to grade school every day, only with supposed adults.

    Unions are still stuck in 1965. There could still be a purpose for unions, but not in their present form. Look at Hostess. 6,000 out of 18,000 workers were union. The union workers went on strike (over a 2% contribution to their retirement) knowing that the company was on the virge of going bankrupt. The union bosses persuaded the union workers to stay on strike, telling them that another company would buy out Hostess. The Hostess CFO explained that there were no buyers because of their old, out-of-date plants, on top of having to deal with the unions. That was code for: No way to be profitable.

    Food for thought. There have been many foreign car manufacturers build plants here in our great country in the last 30 years. Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mercedes, Kia, Volkswagen, BMW. How many are in northern states?

    One last thought. When it comes to public unions, do most of you realize that the dues that is paid to the unions are supplied by hard-earned taxpayer dollars, only to be used against us by getting people elected that they, in turn, get to negotiate with. Hmmmm...... Just saying.

  • In the 40's and 50's, unions represented 30% of the workforce. And that is before public unions came into existence. Today, unions only represent around 11% of labor. 55% of that, is public unions, not private. 30% to 5% is a huge decrease where I went to school. Their days are numbered.

    In Wisconsin, the state makes the unions collect their own dues now. Ironically, 30% of the employees aren't paying their union dues. Hmmm... Sounds like there are quite a few people there that don't like their unions.

  • Go ask a Walmart worker about all of he opportunities that they have by working there. At Walmart, you can make around $10/hr as a cashier. That cashier can choose to move up in the company and make better money and a better life for their self , or choose to make $10/hr and adding almost no value to the company. Why should someone with virtually no skills, deserve to get paid $15 to $20/hr. with great benefits, and add almost no value to the company? That makes no sense to me.

    One of the great things about his country is that you have the right to be as successful as you can be or you have the right to be te biggest loser in the world.

  • They used to offer profit sharing too. Don't know if they still do. I worked at a Wall Mart third shift for about a year unloading trucks while I waited to go into the marines. That was back in.....89? Was a damn good job for someone with a high school diploma. Believe I made about 8 dollars an hour starting off.

    I think the thing they are bitching most about is wall mart doesn't offer full time employment like they used to. They have a large army of part time employees as to avoid paying benefits. I don't know if this is true but this is what I have heard. I haven't worked at a wall mart in years.

    Even so, I agree with the message. Stop acting like a victim and go do something about it. Get a better job. Work hard and achieve instead of whining and crying about what you didn't get handed to you.

    "The only thing That Team Up North will be tasting this year is the salty tears of defeat" - UFM

  • Or they want the union benefits but are too cheap to pay for them?

  • And who is holding the gun to their head and making them work for Wal Mart?

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  • Lol!! Nobody is! But the freaking Walton's have a 100 billion dollars and don't even pay health care! They don't reward they're workers for being loyal ! They top out at 13 an hour and takes them years to get that!! Unbelievable.....

  • One more union story. Back in the 70's I was in the psych dept at a B10 university and we were approached by a new supervisor on an assembly plant. His crew put together a subassembly of the drive train for one of the big three automakers. The union contract said they should be able to assemble six units per hour with a rejection rate of 25% or less, but they were averaging a little less than four per hour with almost a 50% rejection rate. The union/company's response was to fire the supervisor, over and over again. This guy knew what happened to the last several supervisors and could read the handwriting on the wall, asked us if we could come up with a solution.

    We talked with the workers, told them we knew they understood the situation and asked them to propose a solution. They said if they could do six an hour could they have the rest of the hour as a break. We said fine, but the rejection rate needed to be 10% or less. Within a couple of days they were completing six units with a zero rejection rate and had a 35 minute break. We got them together, said a long break like that wouldn't cut it, what would they propose. They said they'd do ten an hour with the remainder as a break. Within a couple of days they were doing ten an hour, zero rejections, with a 21 1/2 minute break. Better, but too long a break so they proposed twelve units per hour and within a couple of days they were doing twelve, zero rejections, fifteen minute break.

    Anywhere in the world that would be considered a huge success both for the company and for the workers. Anywhere except a union shop. A week later a union rep walked by at about twelve minutes to the hour and saw the workers on their break. He asked about it, was told what was going on, and he went ape-sh!t. The supervisor was fired, and the last we heard the group was averaging two units per hour with nearly a 75% rejection rate.

  • If I had a 25% screw up rate on my work I would never get any business and rightfully so. That's the difference between a union shop and free market business. And they wonder why all their jobs are being shipped overseas...stupid is as stupid does.

  • Union Busting?? Don't want tjhis forum turned into a political site, but how is one side trying to destroy a union by passing a "right to work" law? That simply states that the "state( the government) cannot make paying dues to an organization (the union) a prerequisite of employment. With right to work laws you can join and support unions. You can also decide that you do not want to join. In the free marketplace you will be successful if your good or service is worthy. Seems extremely fair to me and is not a union busting move by any definition. I have worked as a member of AFL and appreciate all that unions have done, but they also can gain too much power to the detriment of their workers, their employers and their municipalities (see Hostess). This is a move that is long overdue and should be enacted in Ohio ASAP.

  • People work there and shop there because they are free to choose to do so. There is no shortage of either shoppers or workers and their workers are not are. If it is such a great idea and Sam Walton is so wealthy, why don't you open a dry goods store and follow his business model and maybe you will one day be a billionaire instead of some "whiney little be-otch" crying about some rich family "taking advantage" of poor, impoverished workers. In this country we are all free to try to make the best of things in our lives. Now there are a great number of us that want to criticize and tear down the most successful among us. And why? Because it is not "fair". What is wrong in this country today is too many willing to sit on the sideline and do nothing and then whine and complain when their own actions or inaction does not yield success and wealth. Quit bitching, you whiner and go to work. You have had as much chance to find success as anyone else.