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OT: The NFL And The Rooney Rule

  • This may be better suited for the Hot Spot, however I figure with CFB done for the season I figured that I would give it a try here.

    That being said I wanted to get other's opinion on all of the talk going around with the latest round of NFL hirings/firings. There seems to be a push to change the Rooney rule yet again. While I believe that Lovie and Horton arguably had a bad hand dealt to them, it was pretty clear that the NFL teams were all moving in an offensive direction and both guys are defensive guys. The NFL is becoming more and more like Arena League with their rules favoring the offense, someday it will swing back the other way, but both Chicago and Arizona struggled mightly on offense and I can see where both teams were hesitant on keeping/hiring a defensive guy to run their team. I believe that the problem is not that NFL teams are dead set against hiring minority head coaches / GM's, rather there just is not the pool to pick from that there obviously is for non-minority coaches. In my opinion this stems from a lack of successful minority head coaches in the college ranks, as well as, a lack of successful OC's in the NFL / college ranks. The question that needs to be asked and honestly answered without emotion, is whether or not the lack of minority hirings this time around is due to a systemic issue or just a product of todays football? If you answer the ladder, then changing rules is not going to solve the issue.

    What are other's thoughts on this?

    We may disagree on issues, but at the end of the day we are all Americans -

  • Maybe we need the 'jason sehorn' rule. 32 teams ..... 2 dbs for each team. 64 total . How many are euro american. 0 out of 64 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Iowa can you help me with the the math? What percent is 0 - 64 ????? How does this percentage relate to the general population ?

  • Its obvious the mostly white coaches and gms choose and play mostly black dbs. Are they racist against their own race?

  • I think you mean 'discriminate' against their own race ..

  • Clearly the NFL has done a far better job than CFB has in this area and like you, I just get the sense that a good many league owners and GMs are going for the more trendy picks right now, i.e. Chip Kelly, Mark Tressman.
    And if Kevin Sumlin can produce at least two more successful seasons at A&M, he'll be the hot name on the market. Perhaps this could be Charlie Strong's next gig as well as opposed to a job in the $EC.

    I was a bit surprised however that Lovie Smith didn't land another HC gig somewhere
    considering he went to a Super Bowl in his third year and was possibly a Jay Cutler injury away from making it back there two years ago. But he missed the playoffs two straight seasons afterward with an OL that showed no signs of improvement under his tenure.
    I think ultimately he'll return to being a coordinator somewhere even though he fared better than some other ex HCs who now have returned to being assistants: Norv Turner, Wade Phillips, Josh McDaniels, Raheem Morrs, Cam Cameron, Ken Whisenhunt, Romeo Crennel, Rod Marinelli.
    A few B1G schools should in fact consider hiring one of the above-mentioned guys to become a HC because it's highly unlikely that any of them will ever be NFL HCs again--esp the likes of McDaniels, Morris and Whisenhunt.

    Andy Reid was so confident he'd land somewhere else that he had a going away party before leaving Philly. He had a job by week's end even after missing the playoffs for the second straight year.

    Saban, Kelley, Malzahn, BOB, Chris Peterson, Gary Patterson and even our own UM will all likely attract attention from the NFL if they continue to remain successful on the field. The NFL has figured that with more spread-oriented, non-traditional QBs going into their league and taking over the starting jobs, that they'll need more coaches who're more familiar with that style of play as opposed to continue hiring the standard pro-style offensive-minded head coach. It's no longer a matter of rookie college QBs coming in and having to adapt but now the other way around which is a far cry from where it was even a decade ago.

  • i dont like the rule personally and find it fairly racist to blacks and whites. the best coach should get the job. what difference does skin color make. i dont get why teams have to be forced to interview a black guy just cause. why even waste the time if he's not a true candidate. maybe some people think im racist for this thinking but i just dont get why you have to interview a black guy if he's not the guy you want as head coach. lovie and horton didnt get jobs because they clearly didnt do enough to impress the gm/owner of those teams and the fact that everyone is in love with offense. it's like the colorado coach who was fired that then blamed it on his skin color. no dude, it was the fact that you won 5 games in two years, not cause you're black

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  • Exactly! Rooney is an Idiot. Sorry all you idiots.