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Ohio Stadium ranked #27?

  • Thanks...great insight.

    I'd not have guessed UM for hospitable, you weren't wearing your Block O hat I take it? Never would have guessed USC either, everything else makes sense.

    I haven't seen anything bad at the Shoe but I don't hang around the goon areas either. I'd love to go to a Nebraska game, they seem like a great bunch with a historic program.

  • I usually wear a Colorado State Rams shirt, pretty neutral everywhere but Boulder. Fans at UM have been pretty hospitable. Four of us were having dinner at Cafe Zola (great breakfast, awesome bacon, and one of the paintings hanging in the main dining room is of a woman fingering herself), we were eating at a six top bec it was the only table available. We were already eating when a party of six came in, only a single four top table left. We offered to move so they could be seated, and did. When we were finishing our meal the waitress brought out two desserts and a mixed drink for each of us, turns out the UM fans at the six top picked up our tab (over $250) even though three of our group were wearing opponent's jerseys.

    My worst experience at the Shoe was the Texas game. When the university pres has to issue a public apology for the behavior of the fans it's ugly.

    Southern Cal is dangerous even leaving the stadium. Unlike UCLA which is in a nice section of town USC is in the hood. Outside the stadium we asked a cop where we could pick up a cab. He laughed and said no cab ever came into that area because it's too dangerous, "get inside the crowd and follow them, don't turn left, don't turn right, don't lag behind. About a mile up the road is a hotel where you can catch a cab." No desire to go again.

    You'll enjoy Nebraska.

  • I don't know laser, I am sure I am biased on this being an OSU alum but I just can't see how Ohio Stadium is ranked outside the top 10 . For the shear fact of the stadium alone. There is no other stadium that has the presence The Shoe has, if you stand outside of it it reminds you of something that belonged in Roman times. It has character, it is something that just looks like more than a football stadium. You stand outside Michigan Stadium and there is no character. It litterally looks like someone dug a big hole and put a bowl inside of it. It is also the most quiet I have heard. I don't care how bad your team is getting beat down by your rivals you should never let them take over your stadium with their chant they do at their own staidum. That alone should not put them in the top 5 on best Stadium list.

    With the girls thing, that has been discussed on this board over and over but other than the first few games in September the weather up north changes from being able to wear shorts and t-shirt to at least needing a sweatshirt and by the end of the regular season needing a full winter coat. They may have "more" good looking coeds, which makes sense, when you think about kids going to college and wanting to get away from home why not where it is warm? On girls wearing cocktail dresses to games, maybe its just me, but if I am going to a football game I wonder what is the need for that? I have seen it and yeah it's nice to look at but we're at a freaking football game! Maybe its just me again but when we are going to a football game I love how my wife looks in her OSU gear with a block O sticker on her face and looks like she is actually attending a football game. When we are going out on the town for a nice dinner or whatever then yes, I love how she looks in her short dress but again it's a football game why do you have to wear something saying look at me? But that is just personal opinion and with that I never had a hard time finding good looking women at OSU.

    As for the most hospitable, Texas definitely takes #1 in this category. Be it at their place or if they are visiting I have always had good experiences with their fans. I have to kind of ask how you come up with Michigan though? Are you wearing a block M hat and shirt or something because I have had bad experiences there and have heard others having the same. I am not saying terrible but far from the moust hospitable, again just my opinon but it is based off of personal experience. Like I said I am not saying OSU should be number one, it is to me, but outside the top 10 is ridiculous and 27 is just plain dumb. Like I said just based off the stadium alone it deserves better than that.

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  • I can only speak from my own experience. How it looks is like spouse preference, very subjective. I'm more interested in function. Every seat in Michigan stadium has a clear view of the field. They don't charge fans to sit in obstructed seats. The atmosphere at the ND night game was impressive. One reason is that they used the video scoreboards masterfully to pump up the crowd, both before and during the game. And what I at first thought were silly yellow pompoms turned the stadium into a pulsing, living creature (wife's description). And to top if off, a ND fan dropped dead a dozen seats away from me and a UM fan pumped his chest until the EMT's arrived. They zapped his heart back, hauled him to UM hospital where they popped a couple stents in and he was able to watch the second half of the game from cardiac intensive care.

    Our current times have certainly put a damper on stadium fun. I remember being able to carry a bottle or a keg into a stadium, fans tore down the goal posts, now you can't bring in a bottle of water and there are police snipers on the luxury boxes. Sad.

    WRT southern stadiums, it's just a different culture. Many of them couldn't imagine attending a game in jeans and a t-shirt.

  • Crazy story about the ND fan! Glad he turned out ok! As for my favorite game atmosphere, I don't know that any other game will compare to Ohio State vs Michigan 2006. The stadium was rocking, the teams were #1 and #2 it was amazing. I have to agree with you about the Texas game in 05. It was an embarrassing situation for the University, which was sad because the game was awesome. I didn't stick around for the post game festivites because we went home but the in game atmosphere was pretty good. While we hear it all the time, it really is sad that a few bad people can give a fan base a bad name. When you are destroying property that can really tarnish what was a good game and just a few people doing it can stick to the whole fan base. I do feel it has gotten much better recently and I hope the fans can make an effort to improve the reputation and make our opponents visits feel welcome but un welcome at the same time, if that makes sense and post game win or lose with class.

  • You must have been pretty dang close to me because that happened in my section.

  • And who's in front of us? Indiana, Air Force, Colorado, Michigan State, etc. I think Mark May is a ghost writer writing under the name Paul Swaney.

    Bu-bye David Harris. Don't worry. I'll still follow you on twitter @dav0933